Jack Swagger: Cougar hunter

Jack Swagger: Cougar hunter

After an unexpected assist from Vickie Guerrero helped Jack Swagger score a huge victory over Alex Riley on Raw, The All-American American approached the cacophonous cougar with a suggestion to expand her managerial empire. As Vickie contemplated the idea of becoming a modern-day Bobby Heenan, WWE.com talked with the former World Heavyweight Champion about his unexpected proposal.

WWE.COM: On Raw, you suggested that Vickie Guerrero expand her talent roster. Are you interested in being her next client?

JACK SWAGGER: Absolutely. The All-American American isn’t too American right now. It’s been a while since I had a victory. It feels good. I mean I won the match tonight, but Vickie being there definitely helped. (WATCH)

WWE.COM: No offense, but you haven't exactly been running on all cylinders lately.

SWAGGER: Jack Swagger is always running on all cylinders. I leave it all out there every time — sometimes it just takes a little bit of luck.

WWE.COM: Can the cougar change your run of bad luck?

SWAGGER: I think Vickie Guerrero has proven herself to be very valuable. She is a very influential person with General Managers and execs and higher-ups, so bringing her clout along with my All-American abilities and World Championship talent, it could be amazing. Will Jack Swagger make it there again without her? Absolutely. Will he make it there faster with her? Definitely.

embedcolon25030930WWE.COM: You've had advisors in the past like Michael Cole and your Soaring Eagle. Did you feel you were better with them in your corner?

SWAGGER: I feel Michael Cole helped my career. I mean that was a huge match at WrestleMania that I helped him win. The Swagger Soaring Eagle has been a friend since I was four years old. He saw me win multiple championships from the YMCA all the way up to the University of Oklahoma. He’s been with me every step of the way, so he’s been a positive influence even though he’s a bald eagle.

WWE.COM: Dolph Ziggler may not like you approaching Vickie. Are you at all concerned with stepping on his toes?

SWAGGER: Dolph Ziggler is a classy United States Champion. He’s World Championship material himself. If I were him, I wouldn’t focus on me. I would focus on his mentality, his gameplan. You can’t go around worrying about other people and what’s going on. You gotta keep your eyes straight ahead and your head up.

WWE.COM: It's been a while since WWE has seen a powerful stable. Could you envision the three of you forming a group reminiscent of Bobby Heenan's Family?

SWAGGER: I’d definitely be the Harley Race, but I don’t know right now. It’s too soon to tell. I talked to Vickie briefly after the match, but I don’t know her motives. Right now it's up in the air.

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