Flawless mark on history

Flawless mark on history

For self-professed "co-Unified Divas Champion" Michelle McCool, making history seems to be part of her gig. The former schoolteacher and WWE Diva Search contestant has found her way into some of the biggest moments in Diva history of recent memory -- the last being the unification of the women's titles at Night of Champions. One-half of Team Flawless took time out of her busy Diva-bashing schedule to sit down with WWE.com.

WWE.com: Describe the feeling of walking out in front of a sold-out Chicago crowd knowing you were going to be in a match that was guaranteed to be historic.

Michelle McCool: It was awesome. To think that we're in the history books, that just boggles my mind. It hasn't hit me yet. It could be today, tomorrow or years from now when I look back and say it was really cool. Lay-Cool, we had our backs against the wall. We had all the Divas against us. We knew we couldn't beat them all together - but we knew we could outsmart them. And, that's exactly what we did.

WWE.com: What does it mean for there to be one title in the Divas Division?

Michelle: I think it opens up a lot more opportunities. It's sad that it won't be the Women's Championship we are holding, because there's so much prestige with it. But who knows, Trish Stratus retired with it a few years ago - maybe it'll come back again. It's an absolute honor to be carrying the championship on my shoulder. It's a proud moment.

WWE.com: You seem to be the history-making Diva, winning the first-ever Divas Championship in '08, first Diva to have held the Divas and Women's Titles and now this. Where do you see your place in history with the likes of Trish Stratus, Wendi Richter, Fabulous Moolah or Sherri?

Michelle: Believe it or not I'm really a humble person. To hear my name spoken in the same sentence as those women is a true honor to me. Where do I stand in history? That's kind of hard to tell - that's really up to the WWE Universe.

WWE.com: Technically, you got the pin at Night of Champions. Critics might say that Layla is "piggybacking" off your success.

Michelle: You see, people are just jealous of us. We had in our contract that either one of us could defend the title. They said the same thing when Layla "technically" got the pin on Beth Phoenix. We have this bond that is unbreakable. People are just jealous they don't have someone in their lives like Layla or myself. We're not going anywhere, and like it or not, you're going to have to deal with us.

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