WWE and Full Sail University present Hackathon

WWE and Full Sail University present Hackathon

Students at Full Sail University are being presented with a unique challenge today. Fifteen teams of students will develop, test and present the next potential WWE action game!

WWE Hackathon is available exclusively to Full Sail students and is intended to highlight the fun and real-world challenges of game development with the possibility to win great prizes.

WWE Hackathon will employ the popular Unity game engine as the development platform to create potential games intended for smartphones or similar portable devices. The teams will be met with challenges along the way, including technology modifications and limits, as well as a secret requirement that will be revealed moments before the event begins.

The challenges ahead for the teams are daunting, but the prizes are worth the coding and design:

1st place:  $5,000 (split equally among team members), referral letter signed by each of the judges, tickets to a WWE Raw or SmackDown show in Florida

2nd place: $3,000 (split equally among team members), WWE merchandise packages

3rd place: $1,000 (split equally among team members)

Each team is required to have between five and eight members with the following minimum roles:

3 programmers, 1 content artist and 1 audio engineer.

Designers, producers, or other roles are also welcome, but are not required. The minimum team composition must be present and participatory at the Hackathon event or the team will be disqualified

Check back this Sunday to see which team won!

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