'Total Divas' Season 5, Episode 2 recap: No Diva left behind

'Total Divas' Season 5, Episode 2 recap: No Diva left behind


Will Nikki Bella get what she wants?: Total Divas, January 26, 2016

The Bellas and their mother contemplate John Cena's changing feelings toward marriage.

What’s a Divas Revolution without Natalya? That’s the question E!’s newest “Total Divas” attempts to solve, zeroing in on The Queen of Harts’ infamous absence from the wave of NXT call-ups in the summer of 2015. Turns out the blame falls on a combination of Natalya tending to a fresh-out-of-surgery Tyson Kidd and nobody having an idea how to integrate her. Natalya can only smile and nod her way through so many events outside the ring before she snaps. The last straw comes at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, where Eva Marie is getting a showcase match and Natalya, initially pegged for some camera time in the crowd, is nixed from the show altogether. It’s old nemesis Summer Rae who pulls her back from the brink the next night at SummerSlam, invigorating our girl with renewed sense of purpose and worth.

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Nikki Bella, meanwhile, seems to be sliding more and more into uncertainty where John Cena is concerned, mainly because while he sounds willing to marry her, kids remain off the table. This is disappointing to Nikki, considering how good he is with the children at his 500th Make-A-Wish celebration. You know who’s alsoreallygood with the lil’ tykes, though? Dolph Ziggler. Hmmm …

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More Diva drama comes from Alicia Fox and Paige, who butt heads over some gossip that Paige doesn’t keep quite as close to the chest as Foxy would like, leading to a conflict that nearly derails the big SummerSlam match that the entire Divas Revolution has been building to. It gets settled relatively quickly after, though, because Paige and Alicia are BFFs the likes of which even this cruel, cruel world would never stoop to split asunder.

Shenanigans resume next week with an all-new “Total Divas,” Tuesday at 9/8 C on E!.

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