'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 9 recap: It's a New Day ... for love?

'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 9 recap: It's a New Day ... for love?

Natalya brings Jenni on a double date with Tyson Kidd and Big E: Total Divas: September 1, 2015

Natalya is determined to set up her sister with WWE Superstar Big E.

OHHHHHH, don’t you DARE be sour, it’s a new “Total Divas” on E! and we are feeling the POWER … of Natalya’s matchmaking abilities. Looking for a way to get her sister Jenni out of her and Tyson Kidd’s house, Nattie devises a plan that’s too big to fail: She’ll set her up with WWE Superstar Big E of The New Day. The ensuing double-date goes along swimmingly — literally. Jenni and E wind up in a hot tub — until Tyson starts grousing about more people squatting in his house. That brings up a family argument and, right as Nattie’s finally about to cave and kick out her sister, Jenni decides to move out of her own volition. Problem solved, but will there be a second date?! Inquiring minds want to know.

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Speaking of inquiries, Daniel Bryan has several when Brie Bella steps out in various outfits that are a bit too skimpy for The Beard’s taste. Upon learning that his wife’s wardrobe is actually comprised of loaners from Nikki that she has no intention of ditching, Bryan kicks off a passive-aggressive war that culminates in him shutting off the water in the house so he can try out a new composting toilet. Deprived of running water, Brie has no choice but to capitulate and embrace the country-wife look that Bryan is going for. On the bright side, she gets to go on a shopping spree.

Elsewhere, Paige’s wild-child temper is landing her in one incident after another: First, she crashes a motorcycle and narrowly evades injury and, when she’s asked to help fine-tune Cameron’s in-ring skills at the WWE Performance Center, she ends up in a full-on fight with the former Funkadactyl. When Paige is cut from a show, she thinks it’s the result of a punishment, and that earns her another reprimand from none other than Road Dogg. So, spurred on by various scoldings, advice from the veteran Divas and the tough love of the D-O-Double G himself, The Diva of Tomorrow resolves to grow up just ever so slightly. 

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