'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 6 recap: House of Lies

'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 6 recap: House of Lies

Natalya admits to The Bella Twins that she's been lying to Tyson Kidd: Total Divas, August 11, 2015

The Bellas take Tyson's side when giving Natalya advice about her little white lies.

If the truth doesn't exactly set you free on E!'s "Total Divas," it does at least manage to get an angry spouse off your back. So finds Natalya when her white lies begin to pile up around her as she and Tyson Kidd move into a new home. She manages to stall on the biggest of these whoppers — that her sister Jenni is coming to live with them full-time — until Tyson catches wise to her fibs, at which point Nattie gathers the family to confess her various falsehoods. Yes, cat people, that means Louis and Makavelli were never approached by "Cat Fancy." That dream is dead, but the relationship is restored and Nattie is tossed into the pool as penance.

Watch Natalya's confession |  Photos from the newest episode

On the Bella end of the spectrum, Daniel Bryan is injured again, and it's unclear if this incident will cap off his in-ring career for good. Brie's relatively stone-faced about the whole thing, but Nikki is freaking out that her sister's simply burying her head in the sand rather than facing facts. Of course, it turns out the Bryans are both completely terrified, but Brie's choosing to remain strong for Bryan's sake and Nikki's worrying, while appreciated, is just scaring them more than it needs to.

As for Naomi, she's flipped to a villainous persona for the first time in her WWE career and finds the task to be completely at odds with her personality. Jimmy Uso and the Divas try to scheme her into getting mad, but that just ends badly when Alicia Fox throws water in Naomi's face and gets her kicked out of a restaurant. Despite the overwhelming panic, Naomi delivers when she's called upon to prove her bad-girl prowess against Nikki, and funk takes on a whole new roll.

There was some Titus O'Neil this week, but not as much as last week’s hijinks! Tune into "Total Divas" next Tuesday at 9/8 C on E! to see if there will be more.

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