'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 5 recap: The British Invasion

'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 5 recap: The British Invasion

Eva Marie shows off her bruises from training: Total Divas: August 4, 2015

Eva Marie has her body painted white - and her bruises covered up - for a photo shoot.

London’s calling the ladies of E!’s “Total Divas,” and you better believe Paige, The Bellas, Alicia, Naomi and Natalya are up for some merry mischief in Old Blighty during WWE’s European tour. Our #squad is split into two clusters thanks to the dueling “Red” and “Blue” tours throughout the continent, with Paige, Naomi and The Bellas on one roster and Alicia and Nattie (flanked by Rosa Mendes and Emma) on the other. Needless to add, drama soon arises.

For The Bellas, the tension comes from Nikki and Paige’s dueling expectations of the British experience. For Nikki, that’s dressing in fancy clothes and going to high tea, and for Paige, that’s getting weird in a pub with a plate of fish and chips and Naomi and Lana at her side. The Diva of Tomorrow plays the good sport for tea time with The Bellas, but storms off in a huff when it becomes too highfalutin for her to handle. Fences are eventually mended, of course, after Paige realizes that Nikki’s taste for the finer things comes because of, not in spite of, her country-girl childhood. She’s earned her money, and can enjoy it however she chooses. But Paige’ll stick to the pub all the same.

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Over on the other tour, Alicia Fox is still pining for Bad News Barrett from afar, so Natalya decides to stir up some trouble by attempting to match them up again. Nattie’s master plan — a late-night knock on Barrett’s door — goes up in smoke when Foxy chickens out, and after meeting Barrett’s new girlfriend, Alicia decides to check out some of those famed other fish in the sea after all.

We also catch up with Eva Marie stateside as her training progresses, leaving her covered in bruises all over her arms. It makes for a sweet photo shoot, but it gets awkward when people start assuming she and Jonathan are in an abusive relationship. They’re not (if anything, she can beat him up), and they have a solid laugh at the haters’ expense before getting back to work. No pain, no gain.

Tune in next week for more shenanigans — perhaps some tea, maybe even some Titus (please, please more Titus) — on E!’s “Total Divas,” Tuesdays at 9/8 C.

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