'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 4 recap: Party time, all the time

'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 4 recap: Party time, all the time

What happens when the entire “Total Divas” cast piles into their respective cars for a road trip of four-pronged mayhem? Well, wonder no more, thanks to E!’s latest episode of “Total Divas.” But before we get to fury road, there’s some significant preamble that sets up each cluster of Divas’ fateful road trips.

First, Nikki Bella is crashing at the home of Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, the latter of whom delights in some good-natured if slightly excessive mocking of the Divas Champion. Nikki’s convinced Bryan outright despises her; despite his insistences to the contrary, it doesn’t help his case when he and Brie decide to prank Nikki by moving her clothes to the barn in their backyard.

Second, Paige is all set to be Alicia Fox’s new roommate, however, her budding romance with A Day to Remember lead guitarist Kevin Skaff takes a big leap forward and she decides to move in with him instead, much to Foxy’s chagrin.

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Third, Natalya agrees to help out a local animal fostering agency by watching a few of their cats, though it turns out that they’ve sent her a whopping 19 cats to watch as opposed to one or two. Unfortunately, Natalya’s parents are dragooned into cat-sitting while she and Tyson hit the road, and one of the little guys immediately escapes.

These respective issues all come to a head during one simultaneous drive, wherein Bryan agrees, over the phone, to stop being so hard on Nikki, and Paige realizes Alicia’s hostility stems from her own lingering affections for  ex-boyfriend Bad News Barrett. And, finally, after agreeing to give a ride to car-stranded Heath Slater, Titus O’Neil and Adam Rose that ends with all of them stopping over at a roadside house of ill repute, Natalya comes to the realization that between the cats and the chaperoning, she could stand to say “no” to a favor once in a while, as her husband suggests.

Tune into E! next Tuesday for more shenanigans at 9/8 CT, hopefully involving Titus O’Neil because, real talk, that man is hilarious.

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