'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 10 recap: Breaking point

'Total Divas' Season 4, Episode 10 recap: Breaking point

Nikki Bella and John Cena discuss her stress management: Total Divas: September 8, 2015

John Cena encourages girlfriend Nikki Bella to see a therapist.

Nikki Bella’s reign as Divas Champion continues on E!’s “Total Divas,” but the long hours, media commitments and bare minimum of sleep have left her burned out and irritable toward various family members and friends. Brie suggests a siesta in Napa Valley with Renee Young to soothe her sister’s soul, but her insistence that Nikki talk out her issues with a therapist torpedoes her own plan before it can even get moving. Brie decides to pump the brakes a bit on pressuring her sister, and it’s boyfriend John Cena who swoops in and finally convinces Nikki it might be good to see a professional and work through her stress. Despite lingering hesitance from a previous attempt at therapy, Nikki tries it again. Go figure, it’s a rousing success, and Nikki emerges refreshed and renewed. The champ is here.

Photos:  Renee and The Bellas unwind in Napa Valley

Naomi, on the other hand, is in the middle of nowhere after corralling her extended family in an RV — including both Usos and Tamina — for a camping trip in the woods. But when one disaster after another befalls the vacation and Jimmy Uso won’t stop complaining, she’s ready to throw in the towel. Jimmy’s apology and insistence he was just teasing quells Naomi’s concerns, and the whole family bonds over a big bonfire when all is said and done.

Highlights: Naomi heads to the wilderness |  Last week's highlights

Big things are happening for Eva Marie, meanwhile, whose return to the road is fast-tracked by two weeks. While she crams in her last bit of training and continues to coordinate her career with new manager Dany Garcia — who also The Rock’s manager — Jonathan is feeling left out, as she has less and less time to spend with him. Brian Kendrick helpfully opines to Eva that success in her profession may come at the cost of relationship time, and a balance is necessary. Just as the couple begins to work things out, Eva gets an invite to the premiere of “San Andreas” from Rocky himself, and it’s off to the races once again.

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