'Total Divas' Season 3, Episode 5 recap: That struck a nerve

'Total Divas' Season 3, Episode 5 recap: That struck a nerve

Brie Bella is worried for her husband's health: Total Divas, Oct. 5, 2014

Brie Bella is concerned when Daniel Bryan can't complete a simple household task.

Bad news first on E!’s “Total Divas”: Daniel Bryan is just not getting better after neck surgery, and Brie Bella is more rattled than ever over her husband’s condition when a nerve issue causes Bryan’s hand to spaz out and drop his fork during their lunch date. He’s advised to undergo a second surgery, but The Beard remains steadfast in his commitment to natural medicine. Brie is right there with him, too, until pretty much their entire friend-and-family circle raises the point that an operationmightjust get the job done in a faster and more permanent manner. It’s still Bryan’s final word, however, and despite Brie’s defection from the homeopathic route, he decides to forego another surgery out of general principle just as much as he does to spite everyone who tells him to do otherwise.

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We also check in with Cameron, who’s been honing her craft at the WWE Performance Center in Florida but returns to California when she gets news of her increasingly wayward brother. Cameron’s mother dispatches her — with Vinnie as backup — to the mean streets of LA, where they find teenage brother Quentinn hanging on the street corner with his hooligan friends. When the boy fails to show remorse, Cameron arranges a Scared Straight-type intervention with ex-gang members and it seems to do the trick.

And at last, Jonathan decides that he and Eva Marie should purchase a firearm in the interest of home security following a break-in at a neighbor’s house. Eva’s less than enthusiastic about the idea, and her trepidation isn’t cured when she humors Jonathan with a trip to the range where she tries out some weapons that would give The Terminator an inferiority complex. Like any true vigilante-in-waiting, Jonathan takes matters into his own hands and buys a weapon while Eva’s on the road, but he receives a well-earned tongue-lashing about consulting his wife about major decisions.

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