'Total Divas' Season 3, Episode 15 recap: Third wheel

'Total Divas' Season 3, Episode 15 recap: Third wheel

Nikki Bella confronts Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan about their future: Total Divas, February 8, 2015

Nikki is worried that her twin sister is going to get pregnant.

Cameron has been relatively quiet this season of “Total Divas” so far. Let’s fix that, shall we? The feisty, former Funkadactyl is invited to take part in a girls’ weekend with Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes when Paige is called away to Malaysia for a tour. Lingering bad blood between Cameron and Foxy bubbles to the surface almost instantly, and poor Rosa is grasping at straws as the middleman (middle-Diva?) until she convinces Cameron to hash it out with Alicia after a particularly intense poolside sniping bout. Predictably, once the ladies lay their cards on the table, it’s smooth sailing from then on out.

Watch the confrontation |  Photos from this week's episode

Elsewhere, Tyson Kidd resurfaces and is as salty as ever toward wife Natalya, despite the fact that they’re an on-screen couple. Nattie’s marital blues don’t improve much when she couch-crashes with Naomi and Jimmy Uso, and in the process gets a glimpse of just how happy they are as a couple. Naomi, still the voice of reason even after she left the show, takes Natalya to task for her “pity-party” and gives her enough of a pick-me-up to keep her chugging along for the time being.

The Bella Twins, meanwhile, have begun an on-screen rivalry with a strange behind-the-scenes counterpart to go with it. While the friction from a few episodes ago has largely flamed out, Nikki’s in a mild panic over the fact that Brie is seriously considering having a child with Daniel Bryan in the near future, as such a development would split up The Bellas and dilute their burgeoning brand. Even John Cena balks at Nikki’s aversion to her sister’s potential happiness, though that doesn’t stop her from confronting Brie and Bryan over an otherwise pleasant family dinner. Unable to sway her sister’s opinion, Nikki instead probes into the idea of being able to carry a brand on her own and gets a vote of confidence from WWE execs, ensuring the Bella empire will continue for eons untold, baby or not. Long live The Bellas.

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