'Total Divas' Season 2 Finale recap: I now pronounce you ...

'Total Divas' Season 2 Finale recap: I now pronounce you ...

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan exchange wedding vows: Total Divas Season 2 Finale, June 1, 2014

The happy couple are married on the Season 2 Finale of "Total Divas."

It’s the big day on E!’s “Total Divas.” Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are getting married. The places are set, the guests are lookin’ good and the bride and groom are ready to go … and Nikki nearly screws the whole deal up. Or rather, pesky Bella brother, JJ, does so by congratulating John Cena for his super-chill reaction to learning about Nikki’s previous marriage, which, of course, he never actually had because he knows nothing about Nikki’s previous marriage. This forces Nikki to descend from her throne of lies to head up damage control right as Brie’s getting ready to walk down the aisle … but first, WrestleMania!

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The ladies are all raring to go for their big Divas Championship Invitational at The Show of Shows, despite some epic last-minute willies by Eva Marie. Trouble starts piling up early, though, when they find out that the Divas match is slated second-to-last just as it was the previous year (which, you’ll remember, ended up getting cut). The timing of the show does, in fact, allow the ladies to compete but, uh,  they have to follow this so they’re understandably on edge. As Naomi says, “we some bad chicks,” and they give the crowd a solid show anyway. Even Eva Marie gets a couple moves in.

Back to the Sedona, Ariz., wedding drama: Nikki’s secret is exposed and the rest of the Bella family wastes no time rounding on her in vicious fashion. Happily, the clan pulls it together long enough for Brie and Bryan to say their (breathtaking) wedding vows and Nikki and Cena manage to hash out their problems at the rehearsal dinner. The end result is: John doesn’t particularly care, he’d just like to be on the short list of people who are privy to the big stuff like this.

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All’s well that ends well – Cameron even gets over some deep-seeded intimacy issues and tells lovable Vinnie she loves him, while Summer Rae resolves to improve her relationships with the Divas – and we ride off into the sunset drama-free, with everyone happy. Until next season, that is.

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