'Total Divas' Season 2, Episode 8 recap: The Mega Powers explode

'Total Divas' Season 2, Episode 8 recap: The Mega Powers explode

Summer Rae and Eva Marie practice their tag team moves: Total Divas, May 11, 2014

Eva Marie's inexperience shows during her training session with Summer Rae.

Alas, the dream of “Team Red & Gold” is as fleeting as it is glorious on E!’s “Total Divas”; no sooner has Summer Rae been granted her long-awaited chance to tag-team with Eva Marie than the dancing Diva realizes her flame-haired partner in crime isn’t exactly up to par in the ring. Rather than have some of Eva’s “all red everything” rub off on her, Summer finagles a last-minute fixer-upper by adding Tamina to Red & Gold’s ranks and refusing to tag in Eva during a six-Diva showdown against Natalya and The Bellas. Given that Eva was previously warned by Brie to avoid Summer at all costs, she’s understandably not in the mood for explanations after the match, and Summer finds herself on the outs with both the “Total Divas” cast and the ladies’ locker room at large.

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Equally ill-fated (though much more well-intentioned) is Natalya’s foray into the realm of high art. Her painting of Nikki and John Cena mid-embrace isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, and Tyson Kidd is apprehensive in the least about her plan to hand-deliver the follow up: A family portrait of Brie, Daniel Bryan and their dog, Josie. The swap almost doesn’t go down at all after an undersized rental car forces Natalya to MacGyver up a pitiful harness out of panty hose and athletic tape for the painting, but even Mother Nature can’t stop Nattie from bestowing her gift upon the unsuspecting couple. Bryan concedes that the sentiment is sweet, but it’s safe to say the portrait won’t be adorning the Braniel family mantelpiece anytime soon.

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Elsewhere, the impending release of Cameron’s debut single, “Bye Bye,” forces the Funkadactyl to stage a semi-scandalous workout with her buddy Ray J to score some paparazzi attention, and poor Vinnie nearly passes out from jealousy. Happily, thanks to her renewed friendship with Eva Marie, Cameron is able to make amends at the release party and all is well with the world.

Well, almost: At episode’s end, Naomi is steadily steamrolling her way toward an opportunity at the Divas Championship when a match with Aksana ends with Naomi catching a knee to the eyeball that sends her straight to an ambulance. Somebody call her momma. And the doctor.

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