'Total Divas' Season 2, Episode 6 recap: Louis, Louis

'Total Divas' Season 2, Episode 6 recap: Louis, Louis

Cameron, Naomi, Jimmy Uso and Vinnie find Louis the cat: Total Divas, April 27, 2014

Cameron breathes a sigh of relief when Natalya's lost cat is discovered.

Let’s be real here: Natalya probably should have known better than to leave her Tampa, Fla., house in the care of Cameron and Vinnie on E!’s “Total Divas,” but that’s exactly what happens when she and Tyson Kidd head off on a mini-media tour in lovely New York City. Disaster befalls The Queen of Harts from all sides in short order; despite some boffo promotional work, Natalya’s mood quickly turns sour when she discovers Tyson has lent his sister money without consulting her. Luckily (?) they’re soon unified in collective rage when the greatest calamity of all time occurs back at Casa de Nattie: Cameron throws a five-alarm rager, complete with random stragglers, and loses the beloved King Louis the cat in the process.

Watch: Louis escapes! |  Photos of the hunt

Give the Funkadactyl credit: she hastily assembles a brain trust of would-be pet detectives –Naomi, Jimmy “Comic Relief” Uso and Vinnie, who’s partied so vigorously he doesn’t even seem to know what continent he’s on – and discovers the feline’s whereabouts before long. Unfortunately, she’s too late to head off Nattie’s snooping neighbor, who happens upon the cat-hunt and snitches long-distance to Nattie and Tyson. Having been informed of their kitty’s safe return, the couple breathes a sigh of relief and quickly sets about patching up their money spat (it helps that Tyson also flips the script on his bride by reminding her she’s dropped plenty of dough onherfamily without clearing it through a third party first).

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In other animal news, Nikki Bella has a crisis of conscience when Brie – irked by her sister’s carefree attitude about where her chicken is raised – shows Nikki a YouTube clip of chickens and pigs being tortured in a slaughterhouse. Nikki swears off chicken entirely as a result, but her budding hunger strike is quelled after Brie takes her to an organic chicken farm and shows her that, indeed, not all her food was tortured to become so. Free-range drumsticks, anybody?

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