'Total Divas' Season 2, Episode 10 recap: Bri(d)e-zilla

'Total Divas' Season 2, Episode 10 recap: Bri(d)e-zilla

The Bella Twins clash at Brie's dress fitting: Total Divas, May 25, 2014

Nikki and Brie argue when a schedule conflict arises during wedding preparations.

Remember those times on E!’s “Total Divas” when Brie Bella seemed like the quiet, earthy, restrained Bella Twin; the Zen mistress to Nikki’s free spirit? Yeah, that’s all gone out the window on part one of the Season 2 finale. Brie’s wedding to Daniel Bryan is nigh, and a combination of stress and self-imposed expectation has led the preparation to a place that even a “Yes!” Man like Bryan (ha ha) finds “unreasonable.” It’s hard to tell whether it’s the ballooning cost or her suggestion that they hold the ceremony at a toilet-less venue and guests simply “hold it in,” but Bryan has to talk Brie off the ledge of matrimonial madness and he does so quite efficiently. Robbed though we might be of seeing Cameron interact with a full-grown emu, the ceremony is moved to a much more manageable location and, once Summer Rae is politely but firmly redacted from the guest list, all is well.

Who had the week's best Sound Byte?

Sort of. Brie has decreed that Nikki disclose her previous marriage to boyfriend John Cena before the wedding in order to protect the nuptials from unnecessary drama … and Nikki can’t quite muster up the guts to do so. She lies to her family to get them off her back, but several opportune moments to disclose her secret to Cena come and go; she ends the episode resolved to confess after WrestleMania and before the wedding.

Highlights: The Bella Twins clash |  Photos of the episode

And, speaking of WrestleMania, Naomi’s on the mend and is indeed getting her opportunity at the Divas Championship … along with Brie, Nikki, Natalya, Eva Marie, Summer Rae and everyone else in the division, as part of the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational. With the gauntlet up for grabs, it’s every woman for herself, and friendly rivalries are already starting to bloom. The Diva with the most to lose, however? That’d be Eva Marie, who is all but crushed under the sudden realization that it’s her first WrestleMania, she’s challenging for a title and she’s nowhere near prepared for it. "All Red Everything" is about to lose it, people.

Tune in next week for part two of the season finale of E!’s “Total Divas,” airing Sunday, June 1, at 9/8 CT, featuring the wedding of Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan!

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