'Total Divas' Episode four recap: Bust-ed

'Total Divas' Episode four recap: Bust-ed

The Bella Twins prank Cameron: Total Divas, Aug. 18, 2013

Nikki and Brie Bella admit to their mischievous trick on Cameron.

The latest episode of “Total Divas” begins with Canadians in love, and a long-awaited glimpse at Natalya’s home life with fiancé and fellow WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd (TJ). An injury to Tyson has robbed their romance of passion, and not even a skimpy, Bella-cosigned getup on Nattie can get Tyson’s heart rate pumping quite like the Tag Title Match from Extreme Rules. Adding to the drama is the fact that Natalya’s grand wedding vision doesn’t mesh with Tyson’s, whose idea of a romantic gesture is taking the Diva to the local courthouse to tie the knot with none of their loved ones present. Bad move, bro.

As always, though, love wins in the end, and Tyson concedes to planning Nattie’s dream nuptials after all. It’s enough to make your “Hart” grow three sizes. Right? Anyone? Bueller?

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The Bellas are butting heads over Nikki’s perceived “weight problem,” and Brie forces her sister to cut back on food and abandon alcohol as their big SummerSlam photo shoot approaches. But Nikki didn’t choose the foodie life, the foodie life chose her, and no sooner does Brie suspect something fishy than she Matlocks her way to a freshly consumed bottle of wine that Nikki attempted to dispose of. But the twins eventually resolve their food fight and rock their itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie bikinis like pros for the photo shoot.

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And now for the story you’ve all been waiting for: Cameron (Ariane) may want breast implants. Naomi is apprehensive at best, but her fellow Funkadactyl still embarks on a preposterous trial run, having seamstress Sandra (guess they made up?) sew the silicone into Cameron’s top on Raw. Sensing competition to be the “fan favorite,” Nikki decides to watch the throne and absconds with one of Cameron's implants, leaving The Funkadactyl’s cleavage cleaved moments before the bell tolls. Some well-placed Kleenex allows Cameron to save face, and she doesn’t even get too mad when Nikki owns up to the prank after some prodding from John Cena. And yet, a quiet vow of vengeance assures the viewer that this ain’t over yet.

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