'Total Divas' episode 15 recap: She said 'YES!'; he said 'NO!'

'Total Divas' episode 15 recap: She said 'YES!'; he said 'NO!'

Daniel Bryan proposes to Brie Bella: Total Divas, December 15, 2013

Daniel Bryan pops the question on a romantic trip with Brie Bella.

It’s not enough that he makes many Superstars and beard enthusiasts look like they don’t know what they’re doing. On the season finale of E!’s “Total Divas,” Daniel Bryan has to go and one-up men as a whole in the realm of romantic gestures. This particular one is a marriage proposal to Brie Bella, which D-Bry drops on a cliff overlooking the ocean during a romantic hike in Big Sur (for Pete’s sake, he counted the days since their first kiss). Unsurprisingly, she says yes (or “YES!”) and Bryan follows up with an outdoors gathering of their two families that Nikki covertly helped him plan. It’s well-played, to say the least.

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Having less luck in the marriage department is Nikki, who begins to rethink her easiness with John Cena’s “no marriage, no kids” policy. Despite The Champ’s sound reasoning for maintaining those rules, Nikki broaches the subject of starting a proper family with her man over dinner. He calmly but firmly rebukes her, though Nikki’s response will have to wait till the Season 2 premiere in March.

The roughest road to the altar, though, belongs to Eva Marie, who brings her fiancé Jonathan home to meet her family and they reeeaaaaallly hate the guy. Hoo boy, do they hate him. The couple decides to elope in retaliation for her family’s hostility, but Eva balks at the last minute and decides to give her family proper time to accept the engagement.

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In non-marriage related news, during a sojourn to New Orleans, Natalya partakes a bit too much in the local pleasures and ends up calling Stephanie McMahon eight or nine times in the middle of the night to discuss her career trajectory – a power move she remembers none of the next morning. Despite tiptoeing around the boss lady for the better part of a week, Nattie eventually faces the music and – despite having to listen to the messages one at a time – discovers there are no hard feelings. Stephanie does save the messages to potentially play for Mr. McMahon, which frankly would make a great DVD extra. Till next season, everyone.

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