'Total Divas' Episode 11 recap: Bad medicine

'Total Divas' Episode 11 recap: Bad medicine

Natalya preps Eva Marie for her announcing debut: Total Divas, Nov. 17, 2013

Natalya offers a last-minute pep talk to a panicking Eva Marie moments before her debut as a ring announcer.

Eva Marie gets another chance for a big break, but violates the 11th Commandment – #DontHinderJinder – when she completely forgets Jinder Mahal's name during a guest stint as a ring announcer. Jinder is, obviously, somewhat peeved by all this, though Heath Slater is a bit more conciliatory. Despite claiming a moral victory in that she didn't try to cheat her way out of this mess, Eva's brain fart lands her in the doghouse (again) with WWE execs, who are rapidly running out of options as to what to do with her.

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There's a fungus among us, and it has taken up residence in the big toe of Jimmy Uso. It's actually pretty gnarly – the poor guy's foot makes him look like Patient Zero of the zombie apocalypse – yet he only goes to a doctor after it gets bad enough to trip him up during a match. The doc cleans him up in a flash, but it turns out that Naomi (Trinity) has caught whatever creeping crud has infested Jimmy's foot, and they end the episode with His and Hers topical ointments to clear up the gunk. Adorable.

Over in Bella-land, Daniel Bryan's doing pretty well as WWE’s de facto "top guy" in John Cena's absence, but the increased demand on his time is starting to put a wee bit of pressure on his relationship with Brie Bella. Meanwhile,Nikki is attempting to nurse the ailing Cena back to health after his surgery – complete with nurse's outfit – while also undergoing the process of moving her stuff into his place.

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Proving that timing is everything, Cena picks this exact moment to spring a "cohabitation agreement" on Nikki that basically gives him the legal right to evict her from the premises if the relationship goes belly-up. It’s a necessary evil, one he fully realizes he may not have handled all that well. Worse, his “just in case” protestations are lost on Nikki, who’s somewhat upset by this turn of events – and by "somewhat" we mean she storms out of The Champ's abode, absconds with a Maserati and hits the road like Stallone in "Rocky IV" to work through her emotions. Sometimes there really is no easy way out.

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