Lilian Garcia undergoes knee surgery

Lilian Garcia undergoes knee surgery

Lilian Garcia has undergone a successful knee surgery to repair her meniscus.

The longtime ring announcer of Monday Night Raw went under the knife last week to fix a torn meniscus, sustained last fall while on tour with WWE overseas.

“It was one of those crazy things where I was just packing, I got up and I felt the knee [go],” Lilian said. “I felt it right away, I told [WWE officials] about it and [they] said, ‘Let’s keep an eye on it.’”

Rather than risk further injury, Lilian skipped WWE’s European Tour and underwent surgery at the advice of WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann.

“Surgery went great,” said Lilian, who is one week removed from the procedure and is doing well during the rehabilitation process.

“I am actually kind of ahead of schedule, which is great,” the Diva said.

 Lilian posts pictures of her progress on Twitter to keep the WWE Universe updated on her recovery, which includes two to three sessions per week with a physical therapist, as well as extra exercises at home. Lilian estimates it’ll be five weeks before she’s back in action. In the meantime, she sends well-wishes to the WWE Universe – “I miss them!” – and is confident that they’re in good hands while she recuperates.

“I’m very proud of Eden and JoJo, and I think they’re doing a great job,” Lilian said of her fellow announcers. “As we say, #GirlPower!”

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