Train like a Diva Champ: Kaitlyn's workout tips

Train like a Diva Champ: Kaitlyn's workout tips

Think you’re as tough as Kaitlyn? Test your fitness with this routine, courtesy of the former Divas Champion herself, Kaitlyn! Sure, she can rattle off “Simpsons” quotes with astounding proficiency, and wax poetic on ironic mustaches, but once the champion and self-professed “Hybrid Diva” steps into a squat rack, the jokes end and this woman is all business.

Kaitlyn's bodybuilding past |  "Hybrid Diva" hits the weights

“A 'Hybrid Diva' demands a hybrid training program, so here’s a routine that combines several fitness qualities — power, strength and muscle growth,” says Dan Trink, C.S.C.S. — “Training this way may mean training like a girl — as long as that girl is strong as hell.”

Think you can keep up? Get going!

PS: Before you start, remember: Exercises 3A and 3B are to be performed together as a superset, one right after the other, until the routine is finished.

1: Squat Jump (Six sets of 4 reps)

Train like a Diva Champ: Kaitlyn's workout tips

Set a barbell with very light or no weight across your traps. Unlock your hips, bend your knees and squat down as low as possible. Once you achieve the bottom of your range of motion, drive to the ground and explode upward, extending at the ankle, knee and hip until your feet leave the ground. Land with soft knees, and return to the start.

2: Sumo Deadlift (Four sets of 6 reps)

Train like a Diva Champ: Kaitlyn's workout tips

Assume a wide stance (about double hip-width) with your toes turned out at a 45-degree angle. Keeping your back flat, hinge your hips backward and bend at the knees until you’re able to grab the bar. Keep your chest forward and pull the barbell off the floor by pushing your hips out using your whole leg (glutes and back included) to follow through and complete the lift.

3A: Incline Barbell Bench Press (Three sets of 8-10 reps)

Train like a Diva Champ: Kaitlyn's workout tips

Sitting at an incline bench, grab the barbell in an overhand grip. Lower the bar toward your chest with tucked elbows. Once the bar reaches an inch or two above your mid-chest (touching your chest puts stress on shoulders), drive the weight back up. Follow each set with a set of chin-ups.

3B: Chin-up (Three sets of 8-10 reps)

Train like a Diva Champ: Kaitlyn's workout tips

Perform each set with a set of incline barbell bench presses. 

Take a pull-up bar with a palms-in grip. Start in a “dead hang,” your arms straight, and pull yourself to the bar, starting by depressing your shoulder blades. Chin-ups are easier than pull-ups because your biceps and your back are doing the work. Bring your chest to the bar before lowering back to the start.

Next: Kaitlyn gives her Ps & Qs on how to meet a lady at the gym

How to meet a lady at the gym

Kaitlyn gives insight into her workout routine

The "Hybrid Diva" explains what sets her workout routine apart from other WWE Divas.

And now, a few tips on how to navigate the modern dating minefield that is your local YMCA.

  • Approach carefully: Her body language dictates your approach. The earbuds-in-watching-TV look’s a red light! Wait till her set’s done before saying “hello.”
  • Don't offer advice: Dial down your inner personal trainer. “Negging” only works for Neil Strauss and in “The Hangover.” Hey — she just might know more than you.
  • Take a class: Don’t scoff at those class signs on the wall — that’s where the women are. Group workouts are designed for mingling, so take advantage.
  • Don't forget your manners: Let her go first and wipe down the machine! If you plan on letting her lift steel in your sweat, she won’t want to chat anyway.
  • Don't be creepy: If she sees you as a friendly dude instead of just another creep, that’ll improve your chances with her. So be friendly to everyone. 

“I think the Divas we have now are all super athletic. I played soccer my whole life, so I’ve had a lot of experience with sports training and hybrid training. It’s not girly, and you get sweaty and dirty. It’s not what people think when they think of a traditional Diva.” — Kaitlyn

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