'Mania vs. Super Bowl

Football season has officially kicked off, which means all roads now lead to the Super Bowl. Who cares!? The “Big Game” has nothing on WrestleMania. Here are 28 reasons why “The Show of Shows” slams “Super Sunday.”

1. Better Trophies
The Vince Lombardi Trophy, which is basically a football on a stick, sits on a shelf and collects dust for most of the year. You can't even drink out of it like the Stanley Cup. A WWE Championship, on the other hand, is paraded around by the champ 24/7. Plus, the title itself is great for keeping pants up.
2. Zero Commercials
The cost for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl? About three million dollars. For that reason alone, viewer spend more time watching the ads than the game itself. Throw in the over-hyped halftime show, and the 60 minutes of actual football action becomes an afterthought. At WrestleMania, it’s all about the talent. And not a bunch of Clydesdale horses.

3. No Penalties!
Roughing the passer? Excessive celebration? Come on! At WrestleMania, the most outrageous occurrences aren’t banned, they’re immortalized! In the NFL, Shawn Michaels’ epic WrestleMania XII entrance would’ve cost him five yards for a delay of game. At WrestleMania, it stopped the show!

4. Which Is Better?…
An NFL Field Goal kick or Shawn Michaels' Superkick?

5. Our Post-Game is Raw
Super Bowl winners talk about making that pilgrimage to Disneyland after their victory. Win or lose, WWE Superstars compete on Raw the very next night.

6. Hallelujah! No Bob Costas
What kickoff show would be complete without at least four hours of inane pregame chatter spewing from the mouth of diminutive, non-athlete Bob Costas? He's not nearly as entertaining as the similarly-sized Hornswoggle, but he is much cleaner.

embedcolon250307557. The Mannings don’t do the Siva Tau
Brothers in the NFL are about as boring as a Bob Backlund fashion show. In WWE, though, we’ve got the Usos – Jimmy and Jey – two legitimate warriors who prep every match with a traditional Samoan war dance. Let’s see Eli and Peyton do that in their Best Buy commercials.
8. Tickets for the Fans  — Not Corporate Stooges
Good luck getting a ticket to the Super Bowl. The ones not yet snatched by CEOs, friends of CEOs, and friends of friends of CEOs will cost you at least triple-digit cash. Tickets for the real Show of Shows are affordable, available, and come with a 100-percent No Brett Favre guarantee!
9. Bookmakers Need Not Apply
There is absolutely no chance Las Vegas has any undue influence in the outcome of any of the matches at WrestleMania. We're just saying.
10. Higher Standards
Wide receivers will go horizontal to catch a pass – sometimes. But, will they leap from a 16-foot-high ladder to score a victory? No chance.

The Phenom is 19-0 at WrestleMania.11. The Undertaker's Streak
Pittsburgh teams took three Super Bowls in the 1970s, Dallas took three in the 1990s, and New England has dominated the new millennium with a trio of wins. If those franchises qualify as "dynasties," then what do you call Undertaker's streak of 19 wins and zero losses? Phenomenal.
12. Entrance Music
We’ll take the WWE Universe singing along with “Cult of Personality,” or, for that matter, any other Superstar entrance theme, over an auto-tuned halftime show.

13. Our Refs Pay The Price When They Screw Up
When NFL refs screw up, they get “bad grades” for their calls. Seriously. When a WWE ref blows a call, you better believe the punishment is more severe…and meted out on the spot by the offended Superstar.

14. You Watch 'Mania with REAL Fans
Remember the last Super Bowl party you attended? No? Probably because the guests (specifically, your girlfriend or wife and her annoying friends) were more concerned with idle chitchat than gridiron action. Fact is, when ’Mania begins, fans shut their mouths.

embedcolon2503093415. The Divas of Doom!
They’re awesome, and they’re exclusive to WrestleMania. Plus, they’re tougher than the Kansas City Chiefs’ entire secondary.

16. WrestleMania is Not Named After a Lame Children's Toy
Fact: The Super Bowl took its name from a popular 1960s toy, the Super Ball. Lamar Hunt, owner of the Kansas City Chiefs and founder of the AFL, saw his children playing with the bouncy sphere, and the rest is history.
17. No Two-Week Gap Between Regularly-Scheduled WWE events and 'Mania
The AFC and NFC Championship Games are both played on Sunday, Jan.18. Then fans must wait 14 days until Super Bowl Sunday. Meanwhile, the WWE Universe is treated to a full week of in-ring action prior to 'Mania. And 45 hours after SmackDown goes off the air Friday night, WrestleMania begins. Plus, you're sleeping through at least half of that span anyway.
18. Freedom Of Choice
Chances are, your favorite team won’t play in the Super Bowl. You're lucky if they make the playoffs. At WrestleMania ... you're guaranteed to see your favorite Superstars in action.
19. Cleveland Has A Championship!
We’re not talking about the currently 0-1 Browns. Last March, at WrestleMania XXVII, Ohio native, The Miz, successfully defended his WWE Championship against John Cena, giving the  city something to cheer about. Kind of.

20. Fewer Blowouts
Of 45 Super Bowls, 22 of them were won by 14 points or more. Total blowouts. Of the 27 WrestleManias in the books, 271 matches have been contested and only seven of those bouts lasted less than a minute. That's value.
21. No Injury Timeouts
When's the last time you saw an NFL Pro play through a broken collarbone?
22. Spring Fever
After the Super Bowl, you can look forward to seven more bone-chilling weeks of winter before the thaw. After WrestleMania, which is on April 1 by the way, spring has already sprung. For those of you who live south of the equator, disregard this entry and enjoy your autumn.
23. Superior Fashion at WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony
Every summer in Canton, Ohio, the Pro Football Hall of Fame honors a select group of retired players … by making them wear ghastly cream-colored blazers. The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, prior to ’Mania, has no such dress code … although black tie is preferred. Classy!

24. Rematches One Month Later
The Super Bowl loser has to wait until next season (nearly seven months!) for a shot at revenge. For those defeated at 'Mania, Extreme Rules offers a rematch opportunity.

25. A Global Audience
Not too many of our foreign neighbors give two scoops about who wins the Super Bowl MVP award. Members of the WWE Universe hail from more than 140 countries. Now that’s Super.

26. Souvenirs
What can you take home from the Super Bowl besides a commemorative soda cup and a tattered program? At WrestleMania, you can score exclusive merch, Superstar autographs and, if you sit in the first few rows, an official WrestleMania chair!

27. Order The Replay!
The Super Bowl is a one-and-done deal. WrestleMania is available on replay for weeks after the event and, after that, on DVD and Blu-ray, each of which are packed with exclusive special features.

28. The Rock vs. Cena!embedcolon25009476
Think of the hottest rivalry in all of pro football. Now, multiply it by infinity. It’s still nowhere near as electric as the biggest ’Mania main event of all time – John Cena vs. The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII. With more than a year’s worth of build, this match will mean more to the competitors, and the WWE Universe, than a whole decade of playoff games.

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