5 examples why there's no room for love in WWE

5 examples why there's no room for love in WWE

Heart: It's what drives WWE Superstars to overcome the odds and triumph in the face of adversity. Without heart, Hulk Hogan could've never had the strength to bodyslam Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III. Without heart, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would've shouted "I quit!" when he was trapped in the Sharpshooter at WrestleMania 13.

It's the love that does some pretty crazy things with Superstars' heads, clouding their judgment and leaving them prone to rivals’ schemes. Case in point: Daniel Bryan was ambushed by Randy Orton on Monday night's Raw when he rushed to the aid of his fiancée, Brie Bella. In recent weeks, WWE's Apex Predator has relentlessly targeted Bryan's affection for the Bella Twin as a cunning way to toy with his opponent's mind before they clash inside Hell in a Cell for the WWE Title.

From a scandalous photo spread involving a legendary valet to a ladder match being fought over custody of a young boy, take a look back at five other examples that prove why emotional attachment can turn into vulnerability – and destruction – in WWE.

Kiss-stealing from The First Lady of Wrestling? Madness!

Macho Man" Randy Savage gets revenge on Ric Flair after a Title Match at WrestleMania 8

Macho Man" Randy Savage gets revenge on Ric Flair after a Title Match at WrestleMania 8

Ric Flair was never afraid to twist an emotional knife into his rival's side if it helped him gain an edge. When it came to dealing with "Macho Man" Randy Savage in 1992, The "Nature Boy" knew exactly who would help him do just that: Savage's wife, the lovely Miss Elizabeth.

Leading into their WWE Title Match at WrestleMania VIII, Flair boasted to Savage that "she was mine before she was yours," alleging that he dated Macho Man's sweetheart before Savage even met her. Going so far as to publicize doctored photos of himself canoodling with Miss Elizabeth, "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" lived up his moniker and attempted to soil the image of WWE's pristine princess just so he could get under Savage's skin.

In the end, Savage won the WWE Championship and got the best of Flair, but not before "Slick Ric" vengefully planted his lips on Miss Elizabeth's, igniting a red-hot brawl that required multiple officials to contain backstage. It would appear that the key to unleashing "Macho Man's" madness was also the key to his heart.

Phenom, meet your half-brother, the pyromaniac

It turns out family matters even to The Deadman. In 1997, Paul Bearer tried to make The Undertaker bend to his will by threatening to reveal a dark secret from his past: The Phenom allegedly set a funeral home ablaze, resulting in his younger half-brother's supposed demise. Much to The Undertaker's surprise at Badd Blood 1997, his half-sibling Kane was not only alive, but hell-bent on punishing The Deadman, even if it meant ripping off the door of Hell in a Cell to do so.

As a father figure to both The Undertaker and Kane, Bearer masterfully manipulated the bond between the tempestuous Brothers of Destruction to assert his managerial control and powerful status in WWE. Brotherly love be damned. The very emotional and bitter rivalry would rage on and off for more than a decade, including unforgettable battles on top of a graveyard, surrounded by a ring of flames, and inside the unforgiving confines of Hell in a Cell.

Thou shalt not covet another Superstar's 'Head'

What, you thought love was limited to human relationships only? One look at how Al Snow coveted his mannequin head would make you think otherwise. The extremely eccentric Superstar treated "Head" not like a worn-out prop, but as if it was a long-cherished best friend, and one that may have had sentient powers.

It's no surprise, then, that Goldust aimed to sever Snow's special connection by stealing "Head" and giving it a bizarre makeover in 1999. The robbery left the six-time Hardcore Champion in a mentally lost and emotionally frenzied state until "Head" was returned to its rightful owner thanks to fellow J.O.B. Squad member, The Blue Meanie.

Goldust wasn't the only Superstar who victimized "Head," as Hardcore Holly abducted it during their Hardcore Title rivalry, and Prince Albert later impaled it with a spike, forcing Snow to replace his fallen comrade with a Chihuahua named Pepper (who allegedly talked to him, of course).

Eddie Guerrero, you are NOT the father!

Eddie Guerrero reveals a shocking truth about Rey Mysterio's family: SmackDown, July 28, 2005

Eddie Guerrero reveals that he is the real father to Rey Mysterio's son, Dominic.

The chorus of Eddie Guerrero's entrance theme echoed, "I lie, I cheat, I steal!"

Lying was definitely on the agenda in Guerrero's unforgettable rivalry with Rey Mysterio in 2005. Claiming to be the biological father of Dominick, Rey's 8-year-old son, Eddie presented official custody papers and threatened to take the boy away from Mysterio. The familial conflict led to a custody-settling Ladder Match at SummerSlam where Dominick's future literally hung in the balance. Thankfully, The Master of the 619 won the hardcore showdown, ensuring Dominick was safe and sound back in his father's arms.

It wouldn’t be the last time Rey's love for his "familia" was targeted, however, as CM Punk crashed the birthday celebration of Mysterio's 9-year-old daughter Aaliyah in order to goad him into a match at WrestleMania XXVI in 2010.

Officer, I'd like to report a dog-napping

Bobby Heenan and The Islanders steal The British Bulldogs' mascot Matilda: WWE Superstars, Dec. 26, 1987

Bobby Heenan masterminds a plan to steal Matilda away from The British Bulldogs.

For many people, dogs are their best friends in the whole world. For The British Bulldogs, Matilda was not only their best friend, but a canine that embodied their very heart and fighting spirit.

Fully aware of how important the lovable bulldog was to Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid, Bobby Heenan and The Islanders orchestrated a dog-napping of Matilda in late 1987, sparking a conflict that even led to Haku and Tama’s brief suspension by WWE President Jack Tunney. In the weeks to come, "The Brain" added insult to injury by bringing a leash to their matches as The Islanders pretended to feed and caress an invisible dog.

Though Matilda was eventually returned to her rightful owners, the dramatic dog-napping proved to be a savvy move when The Islanders and Heenan defeated The British Bulldogs and Koko B. Ware in a Six-Man Tag Match at WrestleMania IV.

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