Why do you chant "Let's Go, Cena"? (Part 1 of 2)

Why do you chant "Let's Go, Cena"? (Part 1 of 2)


To some, supporting John Cena isn’t so much a choice as a calling, a civic duty, a bona fide requirement of membership in the WWE Universe and America itself. To his supporters, the Cenation leader is as wholesome and good as milk and apple pie and a representation of all that is kind and wonderful in this crazy little thing called life.

Tell certain Cena haters you’re a fan, and you might as well be throwing your weight behind the devil himself, spitting in the very face of reason, physics, originality and truth (not to be confused with R-Truth). To Cena’s detractors, he is a wannabe, a sellout, a washed-up paragon of everything wrong with WWE.

It’s a well-known fact that Cena’s fan response has always been … divided, let’s call it. But the question that has never been definitively asked is why. To settle the debate once and for all (or at least for this week), WWE.com asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to elaborate on why they cheered or booed Cena. Suffice to say, your responses exhausted every last explanation for either and, for the first time ever, WWE.com will now hear from YOU – the WWE Universe itself – on what makes John Cena so alternately great or insufferable. These responses are 100% real and not doctored in any way by WWE.com. The Cenation is up first, come back tomorrow for the boobirds. Here we go:

The WWE Universe Cheers #Let’sGoCena Because:

The WWE Universe cheers "Let's Go Cena" because John Cena follows his own mantra.He Follows His own Mantra: @xYouCraveNANA tweeted, “I'm #letsgocena cuz @JohnCena is true to his word. Hard to see ppl nowadays who stand by their word. He's REAL and determined.” And, on Facebook, Charlynn Cena (?!) writes, “All he does is work to entertain his fans putting his body on the line for us. Everyday he walks in that ring with pride, dignity Loyalty & respect. He never gives up & rises above hate.”

John Cena inspires the WWE Universe to cheer, "Let's Go Cena!"He’s an Inspiration: Facebook user Kimmy LovesDeanforever Ever (aww) gushed of Cena, “i support cena now and forever!! he totally rocks!!! he's an inspiration and motivation for me in my life. whenever i'm stuck or feel down, i think about him. It's true about his tagline: RISE ABOVE HATE...in this world there is hate but if we can rise above it then it will be a better world for everyone.” Likewise, on Twitter, follower @WILLIAMCOTTMAN tweeted “I cheer John Cena Hustle (work hard), Loyalty (you never know who you might need) and Respect (You have to give it to get) #LetsGoCena.”

John Cena proves his goodness by giving up his spot in WWE TLC 2011 to Zack Ryder.He’s a Good Boy: Facebook user Ixara Leene Yusa writes that the Cenation leader is “the example of a well-behaved person.” This is true, really. Hit the guy with a chokeslam, tear the shirt off his back and he is still all smiles. Just ask Kane.



The WWE Universe cheers "Let's Go Cena" in support of his work with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.He Thinks of the Children: This is a big one. Facebook user Nik Deveroux Foxx mentioned Cena’s Make-a-Wish Foundation work, saying the Superstar “belongs in the book of records” for his philanthropy. Incidentally, Cena’s closing in on his 300th Make-a-Wish visit; when he gets it, he will have fulfilled the most wishes of any celebrity (actors, athletes, etc.) ever.


The WWE Universe cheers "Let's Go Cena" because he isn't The Rock.He Likes Zack Ryder and He Isn’t The Rock: @pothole0222 hashtagged his post #LetsGoCena because “he shows up every night unlike some ‘superstars’! (Lookin at u @TheRock),” and @rsapexcarnivore supports Cena “Cena because “1. I can!!! 2. He is energetic! and 3. He's a broski, like me! #WWWYKI”

Well said, bro.

Continue the debate on Facebook and Twitter. Then, click CLICK HERE for Part Two of our social experiment, where WWE.com Sorts Through Hate to pick the definitive explanations for why #CenaSucks.

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