What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

Each week, the WWE Universe watches its favorite Superstars and Divas perform seemingly unbelievable athletic displays and feats of strength.

In a land where giants are routinely pressed overhead, highfliers easily defy gravity and even the grungiest, least suspecting Superstar can bust out a strangely precise dive through the ropes (Luke Harper, we’re looking at you), we’re sometimes left to wonder if there’s anything WWE competitors can’t do inside the ring.

So, we asked. Taking a cross-section of the WWE roster that represented different body types and combat styles, we polled Superstars on what moves they wish they can do, but just physically cannot.

Some Superstars, like wrestling machine Cesaro, bristled at the notion that unattainable moves even exist. (“I can do every wrestling move I want to do, and if you don’t believe me, check out YouTube,” Cesaro barked.)

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Others, meanwhile, opened up and shared their wish list, and the moves they picked just might surprise you.

Dolph Ziggler wishes he could do a moonsault

What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

Former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler is widely considered one of the best athletes in the WWE locker room, and The Showoff makes no bones about his desire to go out and steal the show every night. That doesn’t mean Ziggler’s bag of tricks is everything he’d like it to be.

“I wish I could do a moonsault,” he confessed. “It’s something that I’ve never practiced, but I don’t know if I have the skills to pull it off.”

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The choice might surprise those who label Ziggler a highflier. It’s a common misconception, he said.

“The moonsault is tricky because you’re turning your back to everyone and looking out into the crowd before you jump backwards and flip into the ring. It’s something that takes a bunch of motor skills, being good at what you do, and confidence in yourself,” Ziggler said. “And even then, at the last second, if you don’t get proper trajectory off the top rope, you can crash and burn, and get hurt.”

Jack Swagger wishes he could do a hurricanrana

What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

At 6-foot-7 and 260 pounds, with an outstanding amateur grappling pedigree, it’s no surprise Jack Swagger’s offense consists of power moves and a stifling mat game. But if The Real American had it his way, he’d borrow a page from Huracán Ramírez’s playbook and bust out the occasional hurricanrana.

“The acrobatics of it, the speed at which you can perform the move and the number of different ways you can go into it is just cool,” Swagger said.

Even though it’s on his maneuver wish-list, Zeb Colter’s titanic client hasn’t ruled out the feasibility of executing a hurricanrana.

“It might be a move I physically can’t do — I don’t know if that’s a real thing or if it’s possible,” he said before adding, “I think I can do it, though.”

Heath Slater wishes he could do JBL’s Clothesline from Hell

What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

3MB’s front man already boasts moves that rival the wildness of his entourage, and Heath Slater at first struggled to think of an arrow he’d like to have in his quiver.

“The one move I wish I could do but physically can’t — honestly I can do anything,” Slater claimed, before fessing, “Naw, I’m just playing.”

In fact, Slater listed a number of moves he’d like to try out: Sweet Chin Music, the Pedigree and the 450 Splash, for example. One maneuver tops his wish list, however, and unlike many Superstars surveyed, Slater’s move of choice isn’t one that is normally reserved for aerialists.

“That’s a tough question, but probably JBL’s Clothesline from Hell,” said Slater. “I just think that’s one hell of a move and a great lariat, but I don’t know if I can swing that hard.”

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Big E and Fandango wish they could do a Shooting Star Press

What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

On the surface, Big E and Fandango may not appear to be much alike. Yet, the pulverizing former Intercontinental Champion and WWE’s ballroom brawler do share at least one commonality: Both Superstars would like to be able to do a Shooting Star Press.

“It’s a cool aerial move that I think captures the audience’s attention,” Big E said. “It’d be great if a bigger guy like myself could do it, but it frightens me, honestly.”

Big E gave a very strong example of why he won’t be attempting a Shooting Star Press — a move popularized by the likes of Evan Bourne, Jushin Liger and Kidman — any time soon.

“As you might remember, Brock Lesnar tried it against Kurt Angle, and it didn’t end up going too well,” he said, alluding to Lesnar-Angle at WrestleMania XIX.

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Twinkle-toes Fandango chalked up his fascination with the Shooting Star Press to his well-documented celestial obsession.

“I just love shooting stars,” Fandango gushed. “I love the sky. I love constellations.”

Unfortunately, a nagging back injury prevents him from trying to bust out a Shooting Star Press, he insisted.

“I hurt my back at a track meet/ballet recital in 5th grade, when I was 12.” 

Drew McIntyre wishes he could do a double moonsault

What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

Drew McIntryre is several weight classes away from cruiserweight, but that hasn’t stopped the unbridled heavyweight from acting like one at times, launching himself like a luchador over the top rope to the floor. That tendency for high-flying recklessness helps explains his dream move of choice, the double moonsault.

Before you go all Vizzini on us and yell “Inconceivable,” the ultra-dangerous double backflip has been performed ever so rarely on the independent circuit. (The photo above is of a relatively tame, single-rotation moonsault.) McIntrye can pull off a moonsault, but more rotations would equal “more chicks,” according to the 3MB rocker.

“It’s very, very impressive,” he said of the double moonsault. “It’s just obscenely ridiculous looking, especially for someone my height. Lots of big guys have done moonsaults in the past. Nobody my size has done a double moonsault. I’d like to be the first guy over 6 feet to do that.”

Natalya wishes she could do a Dragon-Rana

What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

As a third-generation sports-entertainer who was schooled at the world-renowned Hart Dungeon in Calgary—the same hallowed basement that produced or polished talents like Bret Hart, Owen Hart and Brian Pillman — Natalya is arguably the best-versed Diva in all of WWE.

If given the opportunity to add one move to her repertoire, the former Divas Champion would opt for a maneuver she used to perform but no longer does: the Dragon-Rana, which is the namesake of Ultimo Dragon student Dragon Kid (known as Little Dragon during his brief run in WCW in the late 1990s).

“When I first started wrestling, I used to do something called the Dragon-Rana, which is a front flip off the top rope onto somebody’s shoulders and then a hurricanrana out of that,” Natalya explained. “I used to do it with my cousin Teddy Hart and family friend Jack Evans. Their style is very much high-flying and it’s very cool.”

Cool though it is, the Dragon-Rana pales in comparison to other moves at Natalya’s disposal, she noted.

“If I’m going to win a match, I’m going to win the match with the Sharpshooter,” she declared. “Rain or shine, the Sharpshooter always wins out over the high-flying from me. But you never know. One of these days you might just see me doing some crazy, high-flying from the sky.”

Bad News Barrett wishes he could do a 450 Splash

What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

Bad News Barrett’s roaring Bad News Bull Hammer Elbow seems capable of dropping a charging rhinoceros, and nobody’s about to tell The Bare-Knuckle Brawler from Preston, England, that his arsenal is ineffective, let alone not flashy enough. Still, that doesn’t mean the pessimistic pugilist wouldn’t bolster his repertoire — preferably, with a move borrowed from a former Nexus running mate.

“If I go back a little into my past, I had a bit of a rivalry with Justin Gabriel, especially back on NXT, Season 1, and he had a move, the sternum-crushing 450 Splash,” BNB said. “It’s one of the most painful moves I’ve ever received, and I’d like to be out doing that move if only because it would mean I’d never have to take that move from him again.”

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Though he spoke about The Cape Town Dare-Wolf with uncharacteristic reverence — “He’s very graceful, very athletic” — Barrett had some bad news for himself.

“I think if I tried the 450 Splash, I’d land on my head,” he said.

Cody Rhodes wishes he could do a nip-up

What moves do Superstars wish they could do, but can’t?

Not every Superstar wishes he can do a wrestling move. Cody Rhodes, for example, just wants to add some panache.

“Sadly, it’s not even an offensive or defensive maneuver, but the nip-up,” Rhodes said, referring to that acrobatic jump from supine to standing position that’s become a hallmark of Daniel Bryan’s fiery comebacks (and, before that, Shawn Michaels’).

“I once spent from 2 p.m. call time to 6 p.m. doors-opening trying to do a nip-up for Arn Anderson, because he assumed I was actually athletic,” he joked. “But to this day, I cannot do a nip-up.”

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