Twitter gets 'Rocked': 5 of the best hashtags inspired by The Great One

Twitter gets 'Rocked': 5 of the best hashtags inspired by The Great One

When The Rock speaks, the WWE Universe listens — and tweets.

Whether the legendary Superstar and A-list Hollywood actor is knocking down doors with Team Bring It or slinging insults with the best of them, The Great One’s words are all but guaranteed to launch a social media firestorm, as they did on Monday’s jaw-dropping episode of Raw. Taking to Twitter en masse, the WWE Universe retweeted, debated and marveled at The Rock’s words, using globally trending hashtags like #JustBringIt, #Finally and, of course, #CookiePuss. ( FOLLOW THE ROCK ON TWITTER) looks back at five of the greatest, most eyebrow-raising Twitter hashtags that have been inspired by The Most Electrifying Man in All Entertainment.


“Finally, The Rock has come back … home.”

On Monday Night Raw on Feb. 14, 2011, after nearly seven long years away, The Rock returned to WWE. The People’s Champion didn’t just electrify the WWE Universe and unleash a verbal assault on the likes of The Miz, John Cena and Michael Cole, he also officially announced the creation of Team Bring It, delcaring:

“Team Bring It isn’t just some slogan. No, Team Bring It is a way of life. With Team Bring It, you knock down doors, you kick down walls. And if anyone tells you, you can’t; you take your fears, your insecurities, your worries, you roll ’em all up into a ball, you turn those s*******es sideways, and stick it straight up their candy a**!”

The hashtag #TeamBringIt immediately exploded on Twitter, with the millions and millions of The Rock’s fans uniting around his inspirational message of hope, hard work and overcoming adversity. After all, as The Rock explained, “When you’re on Team Bring It, you go after your dreams."

As much as The Rock’s words are a cause for good, as much as they can cause a positive movement on Twitter and in the world at large, they can also be used to insult, as some bright-colored-T-shirt–wearing Superstars have famously discovered …


Over the past two years or so, there hasn’t been much love lost between The Rock and John Cena. The two iconic Superstars, at the opposite ends of the spectrum in so many ways, could at least agree on that basic fact.

During his epic return to Raw on Feb. 14, 2011, The Rock wasted little time in firing several salvos in the Cenation leader’s direction. The source of Rocky’s ire? Cena’s bright, multicolored wardrobe, of course.

“You come out here in your bright purple shirt and before that your bright green shirt and before that your bright orange shirt,” The Rock growled. “You’re running around here, looking like a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles.”

Not only did the live crowd in Anaheim, Calif., explode in hysterics, but the WWE Universe also took to Twitter, with #FruityPebbles trending around the world. The Rock’s stinging insult didn’t just stick on social media, but now you can even see Cena on the front of Post Pebbles cereal boxes at your local supermarket. ( FULL STORY)


When it comes to trending worldwide on Twitter, The Rock has a lot in common with Babe Ruth. Seriously.

On Nov. 14, 2011, Raw got “Rocked” and Boston’s TD Garden was electrified by the much-anticipated presence of The People’s Champion. And he did not disappoint, delivering rousing words, at one point doing his best Great Bambino impression by effectively calling his shot.

“When The Rock talks, on Twitter things trend worldwide. When The Rock says ‘boots to asses’ … the only thing that’s going to be trending worldwide is ‘#BootsToAsses.’ ”

And you know what? The third-person-speaking, third-generation Superstar was right on point. #BootsToAsses was immediately one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter and one of the most discussed topics on the Internet.


#BootsToAsses wasn’t The Rock’s only worldwide trending hashtag on the eventful evening of Nov. 14, 2011. The Brahma Bull also unleashed one of his most cutting insults on his long-term rival John Cena, setting off yet another Twitter frenzy.

“(Cena) is so concerned about rising above the hate, but what he should be concerned with is The Rock’s size 15 boot rising up and kicking him in his lady parts. And, by the way, right now, ‘#CenasLadyParts’ is trending worldwide.”

The hilarious insult caught on with the WWE Universe, and as Rocky predicted, the hashtag #CenasLadyParts was instantaneously one of the most discussed things on Twitter. Of all The Rock’s many attacks on Cena, this is one of the most memorable, with the hashtag still getting extensive use among members of the WWE Universe today.

On The Rock’s most recent Raw appearance on the first episode of 2013, however, it was CM Punk who was the target of Rocky’s words.


The Rock interrupts CM Punk and vows to become WWE Champion: Raw, Jan. 7, 2013

The Rock returns to declare his intentions for the WWE Championship.

Months ago, WWE Champion CM Punk promised to bring WWE ice cream bars back to the WWE Universe, but after he was confronted by The Rock on the Jan. 7, 2013, episode of Raw, he may want to avoid all desserts, in general.

During a night when The Great One called WWE Champion CM Punk “delusional” and “the biggest jerk the world has ever seen,” it was a different insult that had WWE fans rolling in the aisles and furiously typing “LOL!” on screens around the world.

Refusing to acknowledge the champion as “Best in the World,” The Rock incited the WWE Universe in Tampa, Fla., to begin chanting what Punk really is: “Cookie Puss! Cookie Puss!”

The name of the delicious Carvel Ice Cream treat was soon booming throughout Tampa’s Bay Times Forum, plastered all over Twitter and echoing in the minds of WWE fans. As much as Rocky can use his popularity, visibility and singular voice for positive causes like Team Bring It, you just have to ask Superstars like Punk or John Cena what can happen when The Brahma Bull turns his focus and millions of fans on you. In the case of the WWE Champion, unfortunately, it can result in a brand-new, unofficial nick name.

#CookiePuss, indeed.

What do you think about’s list of the five greatest Twitter hashtags that The Rock has inspired? Did we miss some of The Great One’s most memorable moments or greatest verbal jabs? Let us know in the comments section below and on our official  Facebook and Twitter and be sure to follow The Rock!

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