Triple H speaks at memorial service for Lemmy Kilmister

Triple H speaks at memorial service for Lemmy Kilmister

LOS ANGELES — Triple H spoke candidly at a memorial service on Sunday for Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister, the former Motörhead front-man, who passed away last week.

Triple H, a longtime Motörhead fan, who famously uses the band's songs “The Game,” “Evolution” and “King of Kings” as his personal entrance themes, spoke to his relationship with Kilmister. "Lem, Mickey and Phil gave me the greatest gift of all-time, which was their sound," he said. "More importantly than that, Lemmy gave me the gift of his friendship. We connected.”

During the ceremony, which was streamed live to more than a million fans on Motörhead's official YouTube channel, The Game recounted several stories he shared with Kilmister, calling him an “inspiration.”

Triple H would add to those in attendance at the memorial, "If you're in a stadium, with over 80,000 people in it and you're coming up on a riser onto a stage, with smoke all around you and the World Title on your waist and you look to your side as you come up with lasers, pyro and Motörhead playing ... and "Lemmy" is standing next to you, singing about you — it is the most kick-a** thing of all-time."

WWE extends its condolences to Kilmister’s family, friends and fans.

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