Triple H chops off his signature mane

Triple H chops off his signature mane

STAMFORD, Conn. – WWE COO Triple H has shaved his head! With his injured left arm still in a cast, The Game – now missing his signature mane – paused for photos with WWE fans outside WWE Headquarters on Wednesday afternoon, as first reported by

The last time our fans saw Triple H, he ostensibly said goodbye to the WWE Universe following a crushing loss to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. ( WATCH THE GAME'S EMOTIONAL GOODBYE | TRIPLE H EXCLUSIVE) It looks like he's now said farewell to his long hair as well.

What do you think of The Game’s new corporate look? Is this the sign of a different, more "business" Cerebral Assassin who's more so ready for the board room rather than the ring? Post your comments below and sound off now on  Facebook and Twitter.

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