The Rattlesnake Strikes Back

The Rattlesnake Strikes Back

It’s been a good year to be a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin fan. From verbally terrorizing contestants on the reality hit WWE Tough Enough to nailing Alex Riley with a Stunner on Raw, the WWE Hall of Famer has been stomping mudholes with the same vigor that he had a decade ago. The reenergized Rattlesnake is also raising hell as a playable character in THQ’s wild new video game, WWE All Stars, which is in stores now. WWE All Stars is one of the biggest video game releases of the year, but for some reason we can’t picture you playing Xbox 360 at the Broken Skull Ranch.

"STONE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN: There ain’t a whole lot of gaming at the BSR, but I was at THQ a couple of weeks ago with the Tough Enough kids and got a chance to play the game and I was totally impressed. I’ve been involved with a couple of hundred video games and this is the coolest one out of them all. One of the most interesting features in WWE All Stars is the “Fantasy Warfare” mode, which pits your character against CM Punk. Is that a rivalry you wish you could’ve had in real life?

AUSTIN: Damn right it is. CM Punk is one of my favorite WWE Superstars right now. I like what he brings to the ring, I like his mental game. I think a rivalry between “Stone Cold” and CM Punk would have been a hell of a spectacle and a lot of entertainment. Do you think the competitors from your generation are tougher than the current crop of WWE Superstars?

AUSTIN: The business is different these days, make no mistake about it, but to be in the WWE ring night in and night out takes a special breed of cat. And that includes the current crop of Superstars and Divas in the ring right now. But, man, old-school tough is old-school tough. WWE All Stars is all about dream matches, and no dream match is bigger than “Stone Cold” vs. Hulk Hogan.

AUSTIN: I’ll tell you what, when I was down at THQ playing the game, I played “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the other guy played Hulk Hogan and I kicked his @$$. That’s no surprise. Can you think of a legendary opponent who would have given you a real challenge?

AUSTIN: I wish I would’ve gotten a chance to wrestle Curt Hennig when I was truly at the top of being “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and he was truly at the top of being Mr. Perfect. When I talk to these young guys [on WWE Tough Enough] about what they need, Curt Hennig had it. He was vicious, he had a mean streak ... just a top-notch performer. Jerry Lawler's another guy. A lot of people know him for his announcing, but he’s one of my favorite in-ring performers. You go back to some of his stuff in Mid-South or USWA and, man, that guy was tremendous. As a fan, what’s a fantasy bout you wish you could have a front row seat for?

AUSTIN: I would’ve loved to see Andre the Giant and Big Show — the two true giants in the business. That’d be epic. Who'd come out on top?

AUSTIN: Got to go with Andre. Man, he was just an imposing, French menace. Everybody called him “Boss,” because whatever Andre said, went. Big Show’s a little more on the athletic side, but you got to go with Andre on that. Big Show would tell you the same. It’s been about eight years since you retired from active competition. Is there a Superstar who is carrying on your legacy today?

AUSTIN: You know, the closest comparison you could make would be Randy Orton, but, man, when someone wants to make comparisons to me, it’s just like making a comparison to Michael Jordan. For a period of time, I was the hottest person on two feet that had ever been in the business. I set all kinds of records from attendance to merchandise to ratings records. When someone can beat that, then I’ll say, "Yep, they beat me." But no one’s done that. So what would The Texas Rattlesnake say to someone who is still on the fence about picking up WWE All Stars?

AUSTIN: Well, if you’re not planning on buying this game, then you’re making the biggest mistake of your life, son. I’m saying to you right now, this is the best damn video game I’ve ever seen, and that’s the bottom line, because I said so!

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