Superstars get sneak peek at 'SmackDown vs. Raw'

Superstars get sneak peek at 'SmackDown vs. Raw'

MINNEAPOLIS  - Former Intercontinental and WWE Tag Team Champion Drew McIntyre sat in the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 gaming lounge Sunday night at Target Center before competing at WWE Bragging Rights, getting a first-hand glimpse of his video-game debut.

"I've always wanted to see myself in the game, without having to create myself," Mr. McMahon's "Chosen One" remarked.

Then, he got his wish. The opening chords of his haunting Shaman's Harvest entrance theme "Broken Dreams" streamed from the speakers, and his TitanTron entrance video filled the screen.

And McIntyre was pleased, as were all the Superstars who stopped by the gaming lounge to get a sneak peek at the 2011 edition of the popular video-game series just days before it went on sale. (PHOTOS)

This year's edition of SmackDown vs. Raw features the largest roster of Superstars, Divas and WWE Legends ever included in the yearly game, plus many improvements to the physics in the game, including new ways to use and break through tables and ladders. Also, the new WWE Universe mode takes the place of past career modes, creating matches and rivalries for Raw, "WWE Superstars," SmackDown and pay-per-view events based on your tastes.

Throw in an extremely deep creation suite to make your own Superstars, Divas, finishing moves and match types from scratch, and you have endless hours of WWE excitement ahead. And that's not even including the online play, including brand-new 12-player Online Royal Rumble match.

Raw ring announcer Justin Roberts played a Royal Rumble match, just to hear his signature Rumble introduction. "Doing the ring announcement at Royal Rumble was amazing ... it's even more so to see it as part of the game."

Roberts marveled at the game's depth of detail, right down to Superstars' facial expressions and mannerisms. "It's the most realistic game I've ever seen," Roberts proclaimed.

Divas Alicia Fox, Eve and Gail Kim grabbed the controllers and gave the game a spin. Fox laughed as her on-screen Diva got sassy with fans at ringside, taunting them and getting in their face. Montel Vontavious Porter also got in on the act, wanting to see his motion-captured entrance and moves in the final product. Even John Cena was pysched to see his entrance replicated perfectly in the new game.

SmackDown Superstar Chavo Guerrero also was amazed at the game's detail, commenting that the small scar on his arm was also on his avatar in the game.  "It's pretty perfect," Guerrero said.

The only uneasy moment of the night came as members of The Nexus stopped by to see the game. Wade Barrett, David Otunga and Justin Gabriel weren't able to see themselves in virtual form yet. They arrive in the game later this year, as part of a downloadable content pack for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.          

However, you have no need to wait ... WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 is in stores now! Order your copy today at!    

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