Stone Cold counts down MTV's 'The Big Ten'

Stone Cold counts down MTV's 'The Big Ten'

NEW YORK -- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin joined veejay Damien Fahey on MTV's The Big Ten this morning. He counted down the top 10 chart-topping videos and discussed WWE and The Condemned, which hits theaters tomorrow.

Stone Cold told Fahey he still gets an adrenaline rush before entering the WWE ring, like he did recently at WrestleMania as a guest referee. He attributes the rush to the WWE fans.

"A big part of that is when you've been gone as long as I have, you kind of wonder how that crowd's going to take you. When they took me like I did, I got that adrenaline rush. I was thinking the whole time I'm walking down was thank you very much for still welcoming me back," Stone Cold said. "That's why I've always loved my fans, because they've stuck with me."

After telling Fahey about the concept of The Condemned, the curious veejay asked Stone Cold if it was easy making the transition from the WWE ring to making a movie. Contrary to popular belief, Stone Cold said it's not such an easy task.

"In the ring, or in front of a microphone, it's an impromptu type thing. You go out there and just respond to the situation and you go. You're using feedback from the audience -- that's what the best do," Stone Cold said.

"Going out there and having to memorize a fight from start to finish, learn a new technical fighting style, which my character would have, and then do seven major fight scenes, it's very frustrating," he said. "But after a lot of repetition, anything you do with repetition you get better at."

Stone Cold wrapped up his time on The Big Ten by taking five, random, hard-hitting questions called The Big Ten Split. One question involved someone Stone Cold had an encounter at WrestleMania with -- Donald Trump.

"The Condemned takes place inside a reality show. If you had to appear on any of the following reality shows, which would it be: American Idol, The Bachelor, The Amazing Race or The Apprentice?" Fahey asked.

"I would go with The Apprentice. We did a little business with Donald Trump. I think he ought to return the favor. I'd probably get fired. I gave him the Stunner in Detroit, so he'd fire me, but I deserve it," Stone Cold laughed.

After taping The Big Ten, Stone Cold spoke to, and said he particularly enjoyed taping the MTV morning show because he had a good time with Fahey.

"Damien, the host, he's a really nice guy. It turns out, back in the day, he actually came to a ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin meet and greet, and had a picture from six or eight years ago, wearing a Stone Cold T-shirt," Stone Cold said. "So that was fun. They treated me really good over there, and it was a fun show to be on."

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