Stone Cold challenges 'Road Rules' cast

Stone Cold challenges 'Road Rules' cast

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin was a special guest on MTV's Road Rules: Viewer's Revenge Thursday night. He presented the six current cast members on the Road Rules RV with a special Condemned-theme mission at Stu Segal Studios in San Diego.

"In my new movie, my character's condemned to an island to fight for his survival," Stone Cold tells the Road Rulers of his film, which hits theaters Friday. "Each one of you is going to be condemned to fight for your own difficult challenge. Plus, you'll all need to work as a team at the end to turn $20,000 towards your mission bank account."

For their challenge, the six Road Rulers break up into three teams of coed pairs. The first pair is David and Suzie, who must push through attack dogs to retrieve keys toward the final puzzle. They're both nervous, but David refuses to wimp out in front of Stone Cold, who askes him if he's going to give up so soon.

"Not with you here," David tells Stone Cold. Later, to the confessional camera, David admits, "I'm starstruck. I'm shocked. I'm speechless. I want to hug him."

David and Suzie complete their challenge. Next up are Derek and Tori, and the challenges begin to get scarier. Stone Cold tells them they must crawl through a vat of rats and then retrieve keys out of a tank of tarantulas and a tank of scorpions, which they complete.

Finally, Stone Cold tells Adam and Kina they must eat a bowl of cockroaches and a bowl of maggots -- and yes, they're alive. Kina almost chickens out, but in a scene reminiscent of Fear Factor, she chokes down the maggots, while Adam eats the crunchy cockroaches.

But the mission isn't over yet. Stone Cold sends the six to the final word puzzle, where they must find words within the word "winner." Suzie yells out "when," which is wrong since there's no "h" in "winner." The Road Rulers sadly lose The Condemned-theme mission and don't bank their $20,000. They send Stone Cold fan David into the dreaded pit, where maybe he'll channel his inner Stone Cold and save himself next week on the show.

When asked Stone Cold about his stint on Road Rules, he said he was pleased to be on the hit MTV show, but he was in the middle of a media blitz for The Condemned.

"That was a rough day at the office. I went down to San Diego on my day off. I was pretty burned out being on the road," Stone Cold admitted. "Hopefully it'll do well."

Anytime Stone Cold can pump people up enough to run through a pack of dogs and rats, stick their hands into vats of scorpions and tarantulas, and eat live cockroaches and maggots, all on television, it's clearly a pretty successful "day at the office."

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