Stone Cold on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly'

Stone Cold on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly'

NEW YORK -- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was a special guest on Live with Regis and Kelly today to promote WWE Films' The Condemned, which is in theaters now.

Stone Cold explained the premise of The Condemned to hosts Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa --10 inmates are condemned to die on death row, are bought by a producer and put on an island where they must fight to survive, and it's all being broadcast online.

"Before you comment, I want to say it's the feel-good movie of 2007," Stone Cold joked. "It's a fun ride."

"The plot -- someday it'll come to that," Philbin said.

"It feels like it's going in that direction," Ripa continued.

While it seems like the transition from WWE action to a film career is a natural one, Stone Cold explained that it wasn't exactly easy.

"I think when you're in front of cameras for a long time doing interviews and promos with the microphone, yes it helps a little bit, but come on, there's a lot to learn," Stone Cold said. "WWE Films hired me an acting coach. It really helped my preparation. We had a wonderful director who really worked with me and took care of me."

"The director yelled at me one time and I hit him with a steel chair," he joked. "That didn't work so good."

Philbin couldn't help but mention one of his friends, Donald Trump. He said he witnessed Stone Cold referee the Battle of the Billionaires match at WrestleMania 23 earlier this month in Detroit.

"When you said goodbye to Donald Trump, you did something very weird… you actually kicked him… in the groin… right between his legs -- boom!" Philbin yelled.

"Was it a low one?" Stone Cold grinned.

"It was low, fast and vicious. And Trump liked it!" Philbin laughed.

Earlier this week, spoke to Stone Cold about his Live with Regis and Kelly appearance. Stone Cold said he's a fan of Philbin.

"Regis' show is one of my favorites to go on. I like the way he talks to people -- he listens, he cares. He's a fun guy to be on set with," Stone Cold said. "I'm glad Regis is back, because I know he's had a few health issues lately. It's good to see he is doing well and he's back in front of the camera, doing what he loves to do."

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