Operator lives to rock

Operator lives to rock

Johnny Strong is lead vocals for the band Operator, who have supplied the track "Soulcrusher" for use in the "Fight Scenes" trailer for the upcoming WWE film The Condemned, starring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Strong and his band mates believe that their opportunity to supply the music for The Condemned is "fantastic, just awesome."

When the chance to include "Soulcrusher" for the trailer was offered, Operator was more than happy to oblige. "We all have a great love of sports and competition, and The Condemned is a little bit of both," said Strong.

Operator is a different kind of rock band, one that fuses old school influences with their own new school philosophies. "We all have a creative sense that if it is good music, classical, rock, jazz, country, whatever -- if it's good, it's good," said Strong. "We all have picked up the good influences. Not what is trendy. It's so we can go out there and play awesome rock shows -- the way rock was meant to be."

Strong also has a personal philosophy: "Life is worth living no holds barred, with no regrets." He continued, "it's all bout survival. The strongest survive. If you don't train hard enough, eat right and mentally prepare yourself for the trials and struggles of life, nobody will remember you. That's why ‘Soulcrusher' and The Condemned are a perfect match."

WWE and Operator fans can look to July 3 for a new album from Operator, an album that will supply, "more of the dominating, powerful music that ‘Soulcrusher' delivers, as well as some new sensitive and emotional tracks." Strong then asserted that the new album would be, "a classic American, world-dominating rock album."

Johnny Strong and his Operator band mates also have a clear message for WWE fans: "I want WWE fans to know Operator is coming to a town near you, so get ready to rock."

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