Halifax spurs 'Revolution' for 'The Condemned'

Halifax spurs 'Revolution' for 'The Condemned'

For the band Halifax, contributing to the "Stone Cold Media Star" featurette for the recent WWE Films release, The Condemned, starring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, was the chance to work with one of their favorite past times.

"All of us [were WWE fans] when we were kids," said Adam Charles, guitarist for the Thousand Oaks, Calif. pop/punk band.  "Mike [Hunau], our lead singer, is currently a big wrestling fan."

Their song, "Our Revolution," comes from the band's sophomore full-length album Inevitability of a Strange World, released on the Drive-Thru Records label in 2006.  It was the first single from the album, and has a sound reminiscent of classic hair-band rock and roll.

"Chris wrote the original riff [for "Our Revolution"], and it was just such an rock and rock riff, and it kind of got us thinking about the state of music and especially here in Los Angeles ... how the music scene was when we were kids when metal was so big," Charles said.  "We're huge guitar fans and rock and roll boys.  We kind of wanted to write a song to hopefully try to help bring rock and roll back -- physically and mentally."

Winners of MTV2's Dew Circuit Breakout competition in December, Halifax has just come off a long tour.  They plan on spending the summer working on their next album, tenatively scheduled for an early 2008 release.

"We're holed up in our practice space," Charles said. "We get the summer off, which is nice."

Charles hoped WWE fans can enjoy the energy of their single that the band tried to impart.

"We wrote the song specifically about Los Angeles, but it can be taken anyway," he said.  "We just wanted to write a song that would pump people up and get them excited."

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