Rocker's dream comes true in 'The Condemned'

Rocker's dream comes true in 'The Condemned'

As a lifelong wrestling fan, John Falls was thrilled when he learned he and his bandmates in Egypt Central were a part of the soundtrack for the new "Stone Cold" Steve Austin action flick, The Condemned.

"We had been part of another movie soundtrack before, but this was the first time one of our songs was inside the movie," Falls said. "But to be part of a project involving Stone Cold Steve Austin  -- a guy we've been pretty much following for all these years -- and the fact that we've been wrestling fans from the time we were growing up, that's pretty cool."

Egypt Central's "Over and Under," taken from their self-titled debut CD, is included on the soundtrack for The Condemned, which opens April 27. The soundtrack will be released digitally on iTunes on April 24.

The indie rock group's involvement with the film is fitting because they got their start in Memphis, Tenn., home of wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Lawler has been a fixture in wrestling since 1970. Before making his WWE debut in 1993, he was a multiple time champion on the Memphis circuit, and was perhaps most famous for generating national headlines for a feud with late comedian Andy Kaufman in the 1980s.

But Lawler also had showdowns with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and other legends who challenged him in Memphis. Falls says watching "The King" on Memphis Championship wrestling on TV and at the Mid-South Coliseum was a favorite pastime.

"I've watched Jerry Lawler, the real king of professional wrestling, all my life. Growing up and watching wrestling was just the thing to do," Falls said. "In the South, he was huge. He was like a household name, like Superman. Everybody [every wrestler] wanted to come here, and thanks to ‘The King,' we saw guys [at the Mid-South Coliseum] we wouldn't have normally seen, except on TV."

Falls believes Steve Austin's star power and badass image will stun the competition and propel The Condemned to box office success. (WATCH)

"Stone Cold was just a different kind a guy," he said. "He was never a good guy or a bad guy; he just walked his own path. He was never for anybody, he just [out for] himself.

"I'm very excited," Falls added. "And given the success of the two other films [See No Evil starring Kane and The Marine starring WWE Champion John Cena] before it, this could be the best one yet."

Before The Condemned opens, Egypt Central will be performing with the chart-topping All-American Rejects in Baltimore on April 20. Falls is looking forward to entertaining an audience outside his hometown and winning new fans with their Condemned track.

And just like wrestling represents fond memories of his hometown, Falls says Memphis will always remain close to Egypt Central's heart.

"Egypt Central is a place in Memphis," Falls said. "We chose that name as way to remind us where we came from because we never want to forget our roots."

To learn more about Egypt Central, visit their Web site.

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