Black Stone Cherry brings energy to 'The Condemned'

Black Stone Cherry brings energy to 'The Condemned'

High-energy -- it's one way to describe The Condemned. It's also true of Black Stone Cherry, the band who provided WWE Films with two songs for The Condemned trailers, "Backwoods Gold" and "Shooting Star."

"I think WWE realized we have some really high-energy music, and we're a band that's very a high-energy, live band," drummer John Fred Young told "WWE picked us because they liked our music."

Black Stone Cherry should be a familiar sound to our fans. The band is no stranger to WWE. The Southern rockers' "Lonely Train" was the official theme song for last year's The Great American Bash and is featured in the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 video game. For Black Stone Cherry, partnering with WWE again is a natural fit.

"I think it's an honor, first of all. We're fans. We grew up watching wrestling. This is a nice opportunity to reach some WWE fans," Young said. "Look at our MySpace or our Web site, and you'll see we have WWE fans who are big into wrestling and now they're coming onto our sites. It's very cool."

Every song tells a story, and "Backwoods Gold" tells an interesting one about Black Stone Cherry's hometown, Edmonton, Ky.

"Backwoods Gold is written about our hometown, which is in a dry county, where there's no alcohol sold. There's a guy up on the square named Bill Wilson, and he used to sell alcohol illegally -- he used to bootleg it out of the basement of his clothing store -- and all the cops in town would go buy from him and kind of keep him in business," Young explained.

"They wouldn't shut him down because he was their supplier. The funny thing is, I think The Condemned is a high-energy movie, and back home, that song is talking about partying and some undercover stuff," he laughed.

"Shooting Star" is just as hard-hitting as "Backwoods Gold," while its message is different.

" ‘Shooting Star' is about a normal guy/girl situation, and it's just a really powerful song, as well," Young said.

While the band hasn't seen The Condemned yet, it's at the top of their to-do list.

"We're planning on seeing it. As soon as we get some free time from doing our thing, we want to see it really bad," Young said. "We are ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin fans and we'd love to meet him one day."

Black Stone Cherry recently finished a European tour, and is already back on the road again to support their self-titled Roadrunner Records album, which was released in June 2006.

"We're out with Buckcherry and Saliva. We just got back from Europe with Hinder, and that was pretty cool. We were well-received there," Young said. "We're just fixin' to keep on touring and then probably go into the studio late this year and record our second album. We've been touring since the first album came out and sold over 100,000 copies and we're hangin' in there. Keep on keepin' on!"

Finally, on behalf of himself and bandmates Chris Robertson, Ben Wells and Jon Lawhon, Young said they're grateful for our fans' continued support.

"Thank you. Keep supporting WWE, and check out Black Stone Cherry when we come to a town near you," he said. "And just keep rockin'."

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