The year in wins and losses

The year in wins and losses

With 2013 coming to a close, looked back at the past 365 days of in-ring action and crunched some numbers. Find out which Superstar ended up with the most victories in 2013 and what unfortunate soul couldn't score a single win.

The year in wins and losses

Metrics have never applied to sports-entertainment the same way they apply to, say, baseball. It’s not that wins and losses don’t matter in WWE — they do. It’s just that a Superstar is only as good as their last match. Ever notice how the moment a monster’s winning streak comes to an end they suddenly appear completely vulnerable?

What was the best match of 2013?

Careers can change in an instant, so the folks in the WWE locker room don’t tend to dwell on averages. Still, for the sake of our own “nerdish leanings,” we kept track of every televised pinfall, submission and disqualification from the beginning of the year through Dec. 18’s episode of WWE Main Event. After crunching some numbers, here are a few interesting facts and figures we discovered.

Most wins by pinfall or submission: Randy Orton

The year in wins and losses

Sure, Randy Orton had all the benefits that go with being a teacher’s pet in 2013, but you can’t say he didn’t make the best of them. Thanks to a mix of creative officiating, legal wrangling and more than a bit of God-given talent, Randy Orton scored a ridiculous 56 wins via pinfall or submission. That’s seven more than his closest competition, Alberto Del Rio, who had 49. Looks like The Authority was onto something after all. 

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Highest winning percentage: John Cena

The year in wins and losses

Surprised? Of course not. You don’t become John Cena by not winning the lion’s share of your matches. After what was undoubtedly a disappointing 2012 for the former WWE Champion, Cena came back in a big way in 2013, winning 77.7% of his matches over heavy competition like The Rock and CM Punk while losing a meager six times. All tallied, the Cenation leader edged out Sheamus, who won 74.5% of his matches, and Punk, who was successful 70% of the time. 

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Most wins by a Diva: Natalya

The year in wins and losses

The Divas Title may have eluded Natalya in 2013, but the past 365 days were the finest of the Hart Dungeon Diva’s career. In addition to sharing a TV Guide grid with those Jenner kids as the star of a hit E! series, Nattie had the most wins of any Diva this year. The submission specialist was dead even with her rival AJ Lee when it came to victories via pinfall or submission — 23 for each — but it was a single win by Disqualification that put Nattie in the catbird seat with 24. Makes you wonder what all those tears were for. 

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Most matches: Randy Orton

The year in wins and losses

It seemed like Daniel Bryan was on the mat more than sweat stains this year, but D-Bry was actually the runner-up in this category when the numbers were tallied. In truth, it was Randy Orton — that much maligned face of WWE — who passed through the curtain more than any other Superstar in 2013. All told, The Viper hit the ring a staggering 90 times (!) this year, taking that long trip to the ring to face everyone from Brad Maddox to Goldust. 

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Most wins by Disqualification: Daniel Bryan

The year in wins and losses

It’s not like there needed to be numerical data to prove that Daniel Bryan was endlessly screwed in 2013, but just for the sake of empiricism we have this stat: D-Bry won by DQ more than any other Superstar this year. Twelve times total, in fact. That's more than twice as much as the next closest competitor, Kane (who, by no coincidence whatsoever, was Bryan’s tag partner for much of year). So, yeah, outside forces saw to it that our fiery hero rarely got a fair shake. But, as Alberto Del Rio used to say, you already knew that. 

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Most matches ending in a No Contest: Alberto Del Rio / Randy Orton

The year in wins and losses

Speaking of Alberto Del Rio, he earned himself a place on this list with a unique stat in his own right. Along with Randy Orton, The Mexican Aristocrat had the most matches end in a No Contest in 2013 with a total of six. Whether Del Rio’s — or The Viper’s, for that matter — knack for having bouts finish in catastrophe can be owed to cunning or calamity is hard to figure, but it’s to be expected.

Watch Del Rio's bout against CM Punk end in disarray

Most losses by Disqualification: Dean Ambrose

The year in wins and losses

Here’s one for the bad guys. In 2013, Dean Ambrose — when reviewed as both a singles competitor and a member of The Shield — was disqualified 11 times, almost twice as much as any other Superstar in WWE. The self-styled loose cannon may have gone looking for justice this year, but he ended up with more DQs than a fat kid with a Blizzard addiction. 

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Undefeated: JoJo

The year in wins and losses

Unless your name is Tatanka and the year is 1992, it’s almost impossible to go undefeated in WWE. So much respect to JoJo, the just-old-enough-to-vote “Total Divas” star who was like Goldberg in 2013 if Goldberg shopped at “Forever 21.” Okay, that’s an overstatement if there ever was one, but JoJo was undefeated, winning three bouts with no losses. The spirited Diva was pinned in multiple elimination-style bouts, but her sides were ultimately successful. And, as the saying goes, a win is a win. 

Watch JoJo wrestle her way into the record books

No wins: Zeb Colter

The year in wins and losses

Full disclosure: We were too cowardly to reveal who had the most losses in 2013. The last thing we need is a hapless employee getting shoved in a locker backstage. But we will reveal the non-traditional competitor who got in the ring three times this year and couldn’t score a single win. Yes, the people person himself, Zeb Colter, was the biggest loser of 2013. Colter needn’t feel alone, however. Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero also shared the same misfortune, both leaving big, fat goose eggs in the win column. 

Watch Zeb Colter in a losing effort

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