Viscera loves New York

Viscera loves New York

In the latest installment of’s Superstar to Superstar, The World’s Largest Love Machine, Viscera, takes a few minutes to have a rendezvous with I Love New York star – and Flavor Flav’s most famous castoff – Tiffany “New York” Pollard. What happens when two people with an insatiable appetite for love get together during the most romantic time of the year? Check out the following transcript of their conversation below:

New York: Hi!

Viscera: Word up, New York, baby, how’re you doing?

NY: I’m doing good, baby. So good to finally talk to you.

Viscera: Yeah, baby. So glad things are going real well for you.

NY: Yes, they are.

Viscera: How does it feel to have such a successful show? After being on Flavor of Love, to be on top of the world?

NY: It feels wonderful. I’m having the time of my life – it’s such a shock, surprise ending. I mean, who would have thought I’d have my own show and all, especially after the way Flav left me. It’s like a dream come true. It was negative, and now it’s a positive, and it’s just glorious living in the moment.

Viscera: You know Big Vis’ opinion means a lot in the world of love. I just want to say Flav did make a mistake when he didn’t pick you the second time around.

NY: Thank you. You know I get that from men, women and children. Even little old ladies tell me, “You’re so fabulous. I can’t believe he didn’t pick you.”

Viscera: You are indeed fabulous, mama. I saw you on TV recently and I noticed you had two new additions to your body …

NY: [Laughs.] I think it’s a working plan.

Viscera: I just wanted to say it’s just more New York to love and it’s a good thing.

NY: It is a good thing. I’m having fun with the new additions. You know they’re looking really good right now. I’m filling out my tops in a new way, and I’m loving it. Those are the girls.

Viscera: So how does it feel to have so many men at your beck and call, wanting to be you, wanting to be with you and just wanting to make you happy? How does it feel?

NY: It’s by far one of the craziest situations right now because I get men coming on to me left and right. They’re like, “New York, can I get a shot?” I seriously feel like I can have a shot at any male on Earth right now. And they’re feeling me constantly right now.

Viscera: And if The World’s Largest Love Machine is feeling you, you can bet I’m sure every man on the planet is feeling you, baby.

NY: A lot of them are, and I’m loving it, too.

Viscera: So tell me about this little Chihuahua you have, and this palace you have the men building for her. How does it go?

NY: Yes, her name is Your Majesty and she’s my daughter. She told me one day, “Mommy, I want my own place.” I’m like, you know what, I’m going to make these guys build you a place. So I said, listen you guys look y’all come up with a design, let me see what you got, let me see your creative side. I wanted to see how strong these guys were who could measure and drill and do all that good stuff. They made the house. She picked what house she wanted. … It was cool.

Viscera: So at this point, are we down to the [final] Lucky Seven [contestants on I Love New York] yet?

NY: We are down to the Lucky Number Seven. And I’m so excited about it. When you tape the show like this, you kind of forget what you said and what you did. So, it’s cool for me to just kick back and watch the interactions with the guys. Myself, I can’t figure it out – I know the show comes on tonight – and if I’m not mistaken, there’s an interesting episode called “A.A.” And I’m just happy to see what is going to happen because you know I forgot. [Laughs.]

Viscera: I just want to say personally that none of these guys are worthy of you.

NY: I’m going to have to come meet you.

Viscera: You need to drop those chicken dinners and get with a winner.

NY: Oh, boy, yeah! [Laughs.]

Viscera: So is there anything you want to say to all our great WWE fans out there that I’m sure love you as much as I do?

NY: I just want to say thanks to all the wonderful WWE fans. It’s a pleasure to be on the Web site and give all my little point of views on the show and everything. Most of all, if you love New York, I love you back. If you hate me, I love you anyway. Thanks WWE!

Viscera: I think the people that claim they hate you love you the most, baby.

NY: That’s crazy because it’s the ones that claim they hate me are the ones that can tell me my every move – from the hat I have on to the way I twist my hair.

Viscera: Exactly. Those are the ones that won’t miss an episode. It was definitely nice talking to you. You are a gorgeous woman, and I wish you all the success in the world.

NY: Thank you. It was great talking to you. I feel like we’re old friends already.

Viscera: Absolutely. Hopefully, one day we’ll meet each other.

NY: We will. What’s your sign?

Viscera: My sign is Aquarius. Yours?

NY: I’m a Capricorn. No wonder we hit it off.

Viscera: Oh, it’s in the stars. Is that right?

NY: Yes, it’s in the stars, baby.

Viscera: Oh and guess what, I’m a breast man, too.

NY: Oh, so you must be loving the new additions.

Viscera: It’s much pleasure talking to you. Much pleasure.

NY: Same here. Thank you, honey.

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