Sheamus & Troy Duffy, director of "The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day"

Sheamus & Troy Duffy, director of "The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day"

The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, talks to writer and director Troy Duffy about his own Celtic Warrior-eque movie,The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, available on DVD March 9.

Sheamus: Where does the sequel pick up after the original Boondock Saints?

Troy Duffy: Eight years later. The father and sons have been hiding out in the back country of Ireland working on a family-owned sheep farm out in the sticks. A priest in Boston is murdered, and his body is ritualized to make it look like the Saints did it. Connor and Murphy suit up and go for blood.

Sheamus: How have the MacManus brothers changed - or stayed the same - since the first film?

Duffy: They don't change, and that's the good thing about them ... nor do they share their feelings, go bird watching, knit or attend book club readings.

Sheamus: I grew up in Dublin, so I know all about Irish culture. Why would fans of WWE and fans of Sheamus enjoy watching the sequel?

Duffy: They are some cool Irish guys doin' really cool Irish stuff. Being an Irish tough guy is like pizza - it always works.

Sheamus: Talk about the importance of bringing back the original cast, including Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus and Billy Connolly.

Duffy: Saints fans would have burned my house down if any of the "holy trinity" were replaced. It was absolutely essential. What if people came to a Sheamus match and there was some guy that looked just like you, did all your moves but wasn't you. They wouldn't stand for it! Nor would I, sir!

Sheamus: How do actors such as Peter Fonda, Clifton Collins Jr., Julie Benz and Judd Nelson - new additions to the series - add to the sequel?

Duffy: New blood, new movie. In making a sequel you can't just do some watered-down version of the first film. It's got to be bigger, better and badder, plus you gotta throw a curveball at the audience, with new stuff they are going to think is cool. The new actors to Boondock and their pathways through this story represent that cool new stuff.

Sheamus: The MacManus brothers are tough Irish guys, just like me. How would they fare as WWE Superstars? Would they make a good tag team?

Duffy: They would be unbeatable as a tag team. But solo, Sean Flannery runs his own jujitsu academy, has for 15 years. He fights often and is very serious about it. The guy's a ninja. Norm is more of a lover, not a fighter, but I have a feeling he'd throw down if it came to it.

Sheamus: The first Boondock Saints asked the audience "Are the Saints good or evil?" at the end of the first film. Does the second film ask the same question?

Duffy: No, we've already played that tune. In this movie we've got a bit of a cliffhanger ending that leaves the door open for a part three.

Sheamus: WWE Superstars have to overcome many challenges to succeed in the squared-circle. Can you tell us what challenges you have encountered as a writer and director?

Duffy: Just like you, I have to fight all the time, if you want to truly do something new in Hollywood often all the powers that be are beset against you. It's a fight - make no mistake about it. I may not be in the squared circle like you guys, but I have to stand up for myself and what I believe in all the time. It gets tiring, but like you, I'm sure, I get the energy from the fans.

Sheamus: There's a special behind-the-scenes featurette available on the DVD called "Billy Connolly and Troy Duffy: Unedited." Tell the viewers what they have to look forward to in this.

Duffy: Billy and I are pretty close. We talk for hours about absolutely nothing. I just dig hanging with him. We most likely talked very little about the film.

Sheamus: I've heard there's a comic you've written to accompany The Boondock Saints II. Can you please tell the WWE Universe more about this?

Duffy: It's a new world for me, but it's very interesting. There are no bounds with comics. The crazier you get, it seems, the more comic fans like it. I am working with comic writer J.B. Love, and we have written the first two episodes. The artwork is being done now, and fans will get a much more in-depth story about Billy's character and the brothers as well.

Sheamus: There's talk of a third film in the Boondock Saints series. Can you give us any news about it?

Duffy: I've got some ideas but they must come naturally. If sequels are tough, "trequels" are harder. I would like to do a couple other films I have written that are unrelated to Boondock, and get in some more miles before I tackle that beast.

Sheamus: Are there any other projects you're working on that you'd like to share with the WWE Universe?

Duffy: I have two projects I have written and am considering going out with. One is called The Good King. It's a buddy pic set in the 1500s, a black comedy. The other is a serial killer thriller called The Blood Spoon Council.

Sheamus: Do you have any favorite WWE Superstars and Divas, past or present? If so, who are they and why are they your favorites?

Duffy: You. A flamin' red-haired, Celtic Warrior - a bone crunching Mcthug. What more could you ask for?

Sheamus: Do you have any final messages for the WWE Universe?

Duffy: Let's lobby for Sheamus to get a Boondock tattoo. He's a bit ... clean.

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