Calling Dr. Jackass

Calling Dr. Jackass

Our fans first saw Steve-O -- famed for his outrageous stunts on MTV's Jackass -- during an encounter between him and Party Boy and Umaga last October on an episode of Raw. Steve-O's thrashing at the hands of the Samoan Bulldozer didn't faze the Jackass daredevil -- he is a lifelong WWE fan and an unabashed member of the Raw fan nation.

Johnny Nitro is normally accustomed to rubbing elbows with A-listers in Hollywood. So, he didn't need much persuasion when approached him about talking to Steve-O for this week's Superstar to Superstar:


Johnny Nitro: Dude, are you working on anything right now?

Steve-O: I've got this television series coming out on USA Network called Dr. Steve-O.

Nitro: What are you going to do, be like a doctor?

Steve-O: I'm going to be like a traveling psychotherapist, putting people up to challenges, trying to make them more assertive, get more out of life.

Nitro: That's awesome. That's cool, man.

Steve-O: And then there's my comedy game show rap album. I got a deal with Universal Records …

Nitro: You got a deal? [laughs]

Steve-O: I'm making a rap album, man.

Nitro: Dude, that's sick. … What does the "O" [in your name] stand for anyway?

Steve-O: I like to say, "nothing." But really, my [given] last name is Glover, like Danny Glover. Ever since I was a kid, everyone would ask, "Are you related to Danny Glover?" I never really understood it … it was so funny. Even smart people [would ask] … I was so sick of it. So, I just wanted to drop my last name. The first time I heard a crowd chant "STEVE-O! STEVE-O!" I knew I was going to stay with the name.

Nitro: You knew you made a good call? [laughs]

Steve-O: Yeah.

Nitro: You've been watching sports-entertainment for quite a while.

Steve-O: I remember watching Hulk Hogan back in Rocky III.

Nitro: Did you ever think about wrestling? You do [an impressive] backflip, man.

Steve-O: I went to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. I used to be in the circus … being a circus clown, I guess, is not that different from being a Superstar, though sports-entertainment is little more rugged.

Nitro: I would guess sports-entertainment is a little more fun.

Steve-O: Though sometimes being a circus clown can be pretty violent.

Nitro: But that's different from being a rodeo clown, right?

Steve-O: Yeah.

Nitro: What do you think is the most painful thing you've done?

Steve-O: Oh, I don't know. Maybe having my wisdom teeth extracted. [laughs]

Nitro: You're hurting for days afterward.

Steve-O: It's like you get [your wisdom teeth] extracted on a need-to-extract basis. Mine were compacted and infected -- it was just a really bad time for an extraction.

Nitro: Do you think you're going to make a third Jackass movie?

Steve-O: We're under strict orders to write dumb ideas. [laughs]

Nitro: Who gets the ideas? Johnny [Knoxville]?

Steve-O: We're very open with a creative pool of ideas. I feel like I throw in ideas. We all think of ideas, contribute ideas for other people.

Nitro: So why do you watch us? What attracts you to WWE?

Steve-O: It's great. You have 50 million people all around the world watching every week. Just back in October with my original encounter with Umaga, hundreds of thousands of people were watching. Just to be viewed and have hundreds of thousands of people looking on [it's amazing]. And there are all different types of people [who watch]. … I love it.

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