Hawkins & Ryder get 'In the Middle of It Now' with Disciple

Hawkins & Ryder get 'In the Middle of It Now' with Disciple

In the latest Superstar to Superstar, SmackDown's Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder chat with Kevin Young, lead singer of Disciple. The group recently recorded the duo's new theme song, "In the Middle of it Now." The track will be available on WWE: The Music, Vol. 8, which is in stores March 25.

Zack Ryder: Hey what's up, man? It's Zack Ryder. How's it going?

Kevin Young: How you doing, buddy?

Ryder: Good. I have a couple of questions for you. How was it like to record our new song, "In the Middle of it Now"?

Young: How was it like to record it?

Ryder: Yeah, what was is like? Did you guys write it? What was it like?

Young: Jim Johnston at WWE came up with some ideas, you know, here's an idea for the song, what do you guys think? Immediately we knew we loved it, we had some great ideas for it. It was one of those things were we got in to the studio and we had probably one of the best times we've ever had on that song, on writing that song. It went from something that we thought would be cool, to something that we're actually really proud of and we think it's great, even beyond good, if you know what I mean.

Ryder: Right, right. Here's Curt.

Curt Hawkins: Hey what's up, man? This is Curt. How's it going?

Young: It's going good.

Hawkins: So Zack and I recently revamped our whole style as WWE Superstars. Music is really important to our business, and to us, and we needed something to really kick start that. When we heard "In the Middle of it Now," we were pretty pumped because we totally dug the song and really related to it. We thought it was awesome, but we are wondering why you think this song is a good fit for us?

Young: Well I saw you guys come out to it and you guys seem to have a lot in common with us: your look, your style, and it seemed that song was just perfect for your attitude, just the way that you looked, the way that you wrestled and everything. We thought it was even an honor to be involved with you guys because you guys to do great things in WWE, so we were honored even just to be asked to do the song. We hope that you guys like it, we hope that it's a good song for you.

Hawkins: We definitely do. We were totally excited when we heard it because we wanted something different unlike anybody else on the show, and it definitely gave us a good kick start in the right direction. Hold on, here's Zack. Thank you!

Ryder: Yeah, like Curt said, we definitely dig the song, but we didn't know they were going to give it to us. One night we just walked out and boom there it was! We were pumped, it definitely pumps us up. So why do you think the fans will get pumped up when they hear it?

Young: Oh man, I mean, it's just got a lot of energy to it. We had so much fun in the studio with it because it's just really aggressive and got a lot of energy to it and I mean, what more could you possibly want for a song that just pumps you up when your walking out to wrestle? It's just something that's got a lot energy, a lot of aggression.

Ryder: That's great, I downloaded it, just listen to it, over and over and over when I'm home. I just love the song, trying to pick out the best parts in it. I just can't wait for the WWE: The Music, Vol. 8 CD to come out.

Young: Well that means the most to us, because we really wanted you guys to like it and wanted something that you guys would be proud of, that every night you walk out and say "this is my song." We were really hoping you guys would feel that way, so I'm glad to hear that.

Ryder: Oh yeah, we definitely love it. Here's Curt again.

Hawkins: So this actually isn't the first time you've worked at WWE. "Game On" was the official theme for Cyber Sunday 2006, and now you guys are going to be on the upcoming album release this month with our song. So we were wondering, what kind of exposure do you get from collaborating with World Wrestling Entertainment?

Young: You know, it opens up a whole new door of exposure, people to find out who we are and what were about. It's been a really great thing for us. We're all wrestling fans and my two best friends are huge wrestling fans, you know, even beyond what I am. So it's not only a cool opportunity, but it's cool because we actually like wrestling.

Hawkins: That's awesome. I actually listen to "Game On" when I'm lifting, it's a great kick ass pump up song. Here's Zack.

Young: The song goes out to our troops and we know WWE is very supportive of the troops, as well, so we definitely, definitely feel like we agree on that, if you know what I mean.

Ryder: Yeah, we definitely have a lot in common. So what's going on in the band lately, you going out on tour or anything like that?

Young: Yeah, we're working on new songs right now. That's actually what I've been doing all morning. We're going to the studio in June. We'll have a new album out by the end of this year.

Ryder: End of this year? That's great, great. Any release dates for a single or anything like that?

Young: Right now, like I said, we're just writing, just working our butts off trying to make the songs. We think all the songs are good and now it's the process of taking from good and making them great.

Ryder: Well, we're excited. We can't wait for it. Here's Curt.

Hawkins: Hey, it's Curt. This'll be our last question for the day. Do you have any messages for WWE fans who are going to hear this song at each and every week, when they turn on SmackDown?

Young: Well actually, our fans have just fallen in love with you guys. On our MySpace, we have what's called a street team for loyal Disciple fans, you know, becoming Hawkins & Ryder fans because of this song. So you know, I just say it's just a mutual thing, our fans have fallen in love with you guys and I would hope that your fans would take a look at us. We're just really honored to even be associated with you guys. We've been watching you guys wrestle every week and you guys are great.

Hawkins: Thanks, man. That's awesome, it's the beginning of something beautiful, I think, between Hawkins & Ryder and Disciple.

Young: So whenever you're ready for a new song, you just call me!

Hawkins: You got it, man.

Young: We'll take care of you.

Hawkins: All right, well we appreciate you talking to us today.

Young: Yeah man, God bless you guys, and keep up the good work. We think you guys are doing a really great job and hope you guys take over the whole thing.

Hawkins: Thank you.

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