An Extreme Exposé on the Rich

An Extreme Exposé on the Rich

Rich Boy and Extreme Exposé both know how to shake it up. The dancing Divas of ECW -- Kelly Kelly, Layla and Brooke -- make hearts race every Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi while Rich Boy's "Boy Looka Here" and "Throw Some D's" from his self-titled CD have burned up the charts.

Grooving to his beats in their routines, Extreme Exposé couldn't wait to rap with the up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Mobile, Ala. in our latest edition of Superstar to Superstar:

Rich Boy: What's up?

Kelly Kelly: What's up? Hip-hop artists often have a history behind their name. What's your story, and how does it tie into your upcoming self-titled album?

Rich Boy: Rich Boy comes from over here in Alabama. Rich Boy dropped out of college to pursue a dream and then Rich Boy accomplishes his dream. It is the title of my album because I talk about a lot of the things that happen in Mobile, Ala., [with] me growing up. That's why I entitled it Rich Boy because originally, it stood for me and my life.

Brooke:  Before you became a major-label rapper on the rise, you studied mechanical engineering at Tuskegee University. Was making that decision to change careers the most extreme thing you've ever done?

Rich Boy: No. My decision wasn't the most extreme thing I've ever done.

Brooke: But it was definitely, obviously, worth it?

Rich Boy: Yeah, it was most definitely worth it.

Brooke: So, it was definitely for the best?

Rich Boy: Yeah, it was [for] the best.

Brooke: "Boy Looka Here" played at WWE's No Way Out, and it's off the hook and we danced to it. I think we got to represent you well…. We threw down for you, baby. I think we need to be your backup dancers.

Rich Boy: Oh, for real? That's the deal, huh? [laughs]

[Layla starts singing some of the lyrics to "Throw Some D's."]

Layla: "No money, no money!" What's up? When they told me we were interviewing you, I started laughing. I love that song, love it! "Throw Some D's" has climbed to the Top 5 on Billboard's Rap and R&B charts. Are you surprised by your success or by your new album?

Rich Boy: I was definitely surprised by the success of the record because I thought it was just another record idea. But it exceeded my expectations.

Kelly: Mobile, Ala. has been a focal point for American history, particularly in regards to the civil rights movement. Which better defines you and your music — your environment or its rich, influential history?

Rich Boy: My environment…. I know more about my environment than the history of it, to tell you the truth.

Layla: Our goal is to reinvent extreme entertainment in ECW. Being from Mobile, Ala., your music has been described as "Southern rap" and "country-fried style." Are you trying to reinvent the sound of the South?

Rich Boy: I'm going to do it. That's my whole mission: to reinvent the sound.

Layla: I think you're definitely going to do it. I think you're doing it already.

Rich Boy: Most definitely. It's already starting to transition.

Brooke: Actions speak louder than words in ECW. What's more important to you — getting people to dance to your music, or conveying through your lyrics what you want to say?

Rich Boy: I would say conveying through my lyrics what I want people to hear me say, you know what I'm saying? I want to translate a mission every now and then.

Brooke: But then you still want people dancing to it?

Rich Boy: Yeah, sure. Definitely I want them dancing.

Brooke: So, it's a little bit of both….

Rich Boy: Well you gotta make it fun. [laughs]

Layla: Extreme Exposé and the Superstars of ECW work constantly to bring our game up another level. Please tell us the next big step you intend to take in the hip-hop community.

Rich Boy: I intend to take over and ruin it for everybody [rival hip-hop artists]…. My major accomplishment would be to make people change their whole plan. Their whole plan is going to have to change because the music is different now.


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