'Playboy' cover girls unite

'Playboy' cover girls unite

In this week's Superstar to Superstar, Candice Michelle sits down for a chat with Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson of The Girls Next Door. Season four of the E! network's hit show premieres Dec. 9. Read on to find out what Candice has in common with her fellow Playboy cover girls.

Candice: I love your show, by the way. I watch it all the time.

Bridget: Thank you!

Kendra: Thank you!

Candice: Anyway, I just saw the show with you guys where you did your racecar thing.

Kendra: Oh, yeah.

Candice: I watched that show and it was cute! … So what can we expect to see on the next season of The Girls Next Door?

Kendra: A lot! (laughs)

Bridget: My brother comes home from Iraq.

Candice: Oh, really?

Bridget: That's going to be the season opener. It's Fourth of July. It's a very patriotic episode. Kendra's mom gets a makeover … plastic surgery makeover.

Candice: You get plastic surgery?

Kendra: No, my mom.

Candice: What is she getting done?

Kendra: She already did. We already taped it. We taped all of season four.

Candice: What did she have done?

Kendra: She had her nose … you'll see.

Candice: Does she look great? Were you scared?

Kendra: Yeah, I was definitely scared. You'll see. It's really a touching episode. Also, we go to Alaska, and that's really fun. And we go to Monte Carlo and get arrested! (laughs) A lot of drama, a lot of good stuff.

Candice: Why do you get arrested? Can you tell this stuff or is it a secret?

Kendra: No, it's supposed to be a secret.

Bridget: I think everybody knows! (laughs)

Kendra: It was nothing. You'll see.

Bridget: We got detained, kind of overnight.

Kendra: It sucks!

Candice: Did you get handcuffed?

Bridget: No handcuffs.

Candice: Oh … at least not at the police station?

Kendra: Yeah, that was later. That was the next night. … A lot of good stuff, a lot of partying.

Candice: Yay! I love it! Yay!

Kendra: I think it'll be the best season.

Candice: Is the show I just saw, that was last season?

Bridget: Yeah, that was season three.

Candice: OK, so when does the new season start?

Bridget: Dec. 9.

Candice: OK, cool. That's got to be exciting for you guys, huh, the new season? I'm so happy for you guys!

Bridget: Definitely.

Kendra: And we're even talking about a fifth season.

Candice: And you just got your new rims on your car, Bridget?

Bridget: Yeah, I love them.

Candice: How excited were you?

Bridget: Very.

Candice: I was like, "That's so hot!" … Tell me about your new radio show, Bridget.

Bridget: Yeah, I have the Bridget & Wednesday Friday Show on Sirius Radio Playboy 198. It's every Friday from 10 to 11 a.m. I do a live show. I interview people and talk about what's going on at the Mansion.

Candice: So do people call and just ask you questions?

Bridget: They can. I take callers.

Candice: Oh, that's cool. Do you ever get rude callers or are they all pretty respectful?

Bridget: They screen them before they come through!

Candice: I did a radio show one time and they asked me crazy stuff.

Bridget: You're kind of anonymous when you call in so they're not afraid to ask anything.

Kendra: I don't really do radio shows anymore. Adam Carolla was my last one! (laughs)

Candice: Kendra, we recently saw you on Celebrity Rap Superstar. Can we expect an album from you soon?

Kendra: I got asked to do a couple little things.

Candice: Do you rap?

Kendra: I'm not going to come out with my own album or anything, but people have asked me if I want to be on one of their tracks. So I get to do a couple little things.

Candice: What was the show like?

Kendra: It's already over. It was for 10 weeks on MTV. It was on live every Thursday. It's exactly like Dancing with the Stars, just rapping. Ten of us had our own mentors, and Too Short was my mentor. We're both West Coast, so it really works. If you know the hip-hop culture, you know what I'm saying, the West Coast thing.

Candice: Totally.

Kendra: So yeah, we got along great. We went really far. I came in second.

Candice: That's cool. Good job! … When we go overseas, we travel every day. We just had a 12-day tour. We'll take a bus ride, every day, for hours. We've come up with this whole karaoke thing to kill time. We'll put on music and try to sing. And I'm the worst singer, ever! But I will sing everything. … Bridget, tell me about the award you just won.

Bridget: Fox Reality Network has a Fox Reality Awards, and I was nominated for Favorite Hottie in a Reality Series and I won!

Candice: Oh my gosh, I was there! But it was so hard to hear what the awards were.

Bridget: It was so noisy. It was a crazy scene. …

Candice: Kendra, tell me about your new clothing line.

Kendra: Well, it's on hold right now, so I can't talk about it yet. I will talk about it when it's almost about to come out.

Candice: Is it for Playboy?

Kendra: No, it's my own.

Candice: What style of clothes will it be?

Kendra: Stuff like jeans, really cute stuff.

Candice: That's cool. Are you the designer?

Kendra: Yeah, I'm going to design it. I'll have my own manufacturer.

Candice: So, to both of you, why do you think The Girls Next Door is so successful for the E! network?

Kendra: Just because it's Playboy, and the first season, we really turned a lot of people around and showed them a different side of Playboy. We have way more female fans than male fans because girls can relate to all of three of us because all three of us are really different.

Candice: You are so different. I think that's really good for the show.

Bridget: We have a fantasy lifestyle, too. People live vicariously through us.

Candice: Totally, people want to know what you guys are doing. … Everybody watch on Dec. 9, the new season of The Girls Next Door! And where are Holly and Hef tonight?

Bridget: They are back at the house. Hef, on Monday nights, always has manly night. He gets together with the guys. They have dinner and then they watch obscure, old films. And Holly was working today at the studio.

Candice: Thank you, Bridget and Kendra!

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