Zididada gets Glam

Zididada gets Glam

In the latest Superstar to Superstar, Glamazon Beth Phoenix chats with Zididada's vocalist, Jimmy Colding, about the music business, sports-entertainment and which WWE Superstar is most like a Viking. The Danish indie band's recent hit, "Take It All," is the official theme song for WWE's Judgment Day, which airs live this Sunday, only on pay-per-view.

Beth: Hi guys. It's nice to meet you.

Jimmy Colding of Zididada: Hey, Beth!

B: So tell me about the meaning of "Zididada."

Z: "Zididada" really doesn't mean anything. We took the name from a fairytale city somewhere in Central America —  Zididada sounds like it should be coming from that area. The song, "Take It All," is basically about Danny Linde (lead and rhythm guitars) and I going independent, because we've been on a major label for six years. And "Take It All," is a song about going your own way and doing it the way you believe it should be done. It's just basically a great rock song first of all, but it's also a statement from Zididada.

B: So going on your own and discovering yourselves as independents, that involves a great deal of risk. But do you feel that there's more satisfaction in the results that you guys have had going off on your own [without a major label]? Do you find more satisfaction despite the risk of taking this on without a major label?

Z: There's always a risk because you never know how people are going to respond to your album or your songs. But Zididada has always picked songs for our albums by testing them on the live audience. If their response is positive, the song has a better chance of ending up on the album. Zididada is definitely a live band. Of course it's always a risk if people are going to end up buying it. That's our primary target, the live audience.

B: Having been in the industry as long as you guys have, it's about having the confidence in yourselves and believing in yourselves, so you can do it on your own regardless. Every single time I am in the ring I put a lot of pressure on myself because I want to be the best. There are always nerves involved. I think if you stop being nervous, that's the time to quit.

Z: Absolutely. You don't have to be a nervous wreck, but you always have to have this intense feeling inside to give it your best, because if you don't do that, how can people take you seriously?

B: Yes. With your success and going out on your own, there's a lot of risk involved and a lot of nerves and fear. At the same time, when you are confident in your own abilities, success isn't far off.

Z: We totally agree, and that's why we have decided to do this. We always feel good about making our own decisions, and needed to go off on our own to prove to ourselves that we really can pull it off.

BI completely understand, because you take a lot of pride in what you do. It comes from the heart, so that kind of segues into my questions with your relationship about WWE. How did it come about? Are you guys looking forward to having your song broadcast to all our WWE fans internationally? How does that make you feel?

Z: That's amazing. It's the greatest step for Zididada so far because WWE has a worldwide fan base. And for us to be a part of that and to support you with the music is unbelievable.

B: I have to ask, who is your favorite WWE Superstar or Diva … aside from me, The Glamazon. But if you had to pick a second favorite, who would it be?

Z: Oh, I really don't know besides you. I'd have to ask Danny.

B: I recall Danny mentioning that Undertaker was his top pick. Which I would agree because there's not too many 7-foot tall guys walking around planet Earth that can dive over the top rope.

Z: I think that Undertaker kind of reminds us of a great old Viking that used to walk the face of the earth over here in Denmark.

B: I'm pretty certain Undertaker is immortal and can control the elements, the lightning and all that stuff. He's quite intimidating.

Z: WWE is something unreal to us. I mean, it's huge and it's a show like you've never seen. And that's what America stands for. So if you ask us, as a band if we're excited to be with you guys, how can we not be? Wrestling and rock music. That's the No. 1 combination ever.

For more on Zididada, visit their MySpace page.

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