Heavy talk without the bull

Heavy talk without the bull

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch know something about holding and pursuing championships. The one-time former World Tag Team Champions won the titles shortly after their debut in 2005. The pair hasn't held the championships since then, and have pursued current World Tag Team Champions The Hardys with a hunger our fans haven't seen in them in two years.

Cade & Murdoch have shown a desire reminiscent of Justin McBride, the 2005 Professional Bull Riding World Champion. The PBR Championship had eluded McBride four times before he captured the coveted gold. Last year, he took time off to enjoy the birth of his daughter with his wife, and did not retain his championship. But McBride is back this year, and currently atop the professional bull riding ratings in pursuit of the PBR World Championship.

McBride's toughness has won over a lot of fans, including Cade & Murdoch. These three gold ol' boys had a lot to discuss when Superstar to Superstar brought them together:

Cade: You're currently the No. 1 bull rider in the world right now, and won the 2005 World Championship. Tell us what it was like for you to win that big championship after pursuing it for so long.

McBride: That's what I think made it so cool for me. It was something I had been after. My entire life had been built up to trying to be a world champion. So to finally achieve that, it was really cool.

Cade: What about this year? What's your plan this year? Is your pursuit this year different from the previous years since you've been on top?

McBride: I feel like maybe I'm a little bit more relaxed now. It felt like before I won my first one, not only did I expect to win it, it seemed like every year when I would be close -- come in in second or third -- everyone else began expecting a lot, too. Now that I have one under my belt, it seems a lot easier.

Cade: Understandable. Right now, we got these two rascals, The Hardys -- the World Tag Team Champions -- that we're after. They're our biggest competition so far in our career. Who is your greatest competition -- rival -- among the other bull riders currently, and in your career?

McBride: For us, I think it's moreso the bull because if we don't stay on our bull, then we don't have any competition against anyone else. Throughout my career, two guys who have been dominant have been Adriano Moraes from Brazil and Chris Shivers. Those guys have been really great throughout my career. But I'd say my biggest competition in my entire career has been whatever bull I've drawn at whichever show we're at.

Cade: Cool.

Murdoch: Hey, Justin, this is Murdoch here. Cade and I are big bull riding fans, and we realized you took some time off because you had a baby girl. We were curious about how that's going.

McBride: It's going great. She just turned a year old. It's something new every day with her.

Murdoch: It's a little harder being away from the house, isn't it?

McBride: It's a lot harder. That's why I made that decision last year to stay home. I had won the world title the year before and I felt like it was the right thing to do. I wanted to stay home. I didn't feel like being on the road when she was born.

Murdoch: I don't blame you, brother.

McBride: And if you can't go at that bull with everything you got, there's no sense in even being there anyway.

Murdoch: I totally agree with you. It's no different with sports-entertainment, brother.

McBride: If you don't want to be there, you better not go.

Murdoch: Now being a new daddy and all, does that put a new spin on being world champion again?

McBride: I think it puts a new spin on life. Things that seemed important to you at one time don't seem as important to you now. But I feel like I'm hungry to try to win another world title, and as long as I feel that way, I'll continue to do it.

Murdoch: Rock on, man. Justin, the reason you are one of Cade & Murdoch's favorites is because in 2003 you rode with broken ribs and a punctured lung in an attempt to take the championship. We just have one question: Would you ever do it again?

McBride: Definitely…I felt like if I could take it, my body could take it. It's one of those things. I had a buddy who played pro football. He had surgery on his finger one time, and he had to have it done pretty quickly so he could get back and play. The doctor told him, "Well, you may never be able to use your finger again." He [McBride's friend] told him, "I'm a football player, not a piano player."

Murdoch: [Laughs]

McBride: And that's the same way I feel. You know one of these days I probably won't be able to get around as well as I do now, but who cares? You set out to do something, and you don't want anything standing in your way of it.

Murdoch: I totally understand, brother. Cade and I, we gotta go out there with injuries, and the bottom line is we gotta perform. What I'm curious about is, do you have any injuries now?

McBride: I'm actually in really good shape right now. I have no injuries whatsoever; nothing's bothering me. Anytime you can ride a bull or compete in any sport injury-free, it makes it that much more fun.

Cade: You played some football and did some wrestling when you were younger, right?

McBride: That's right. Growing up I did.

Cade: What made you decide to go with bull riding over those two other sports?

McBride: I think I was better at riding bulls. I really enjoyed wrestling growing up. It was one of the few sports that I could find that could compare with bull riding. People really don't understand why you do it unless they've done it themselves. It's hard to understand why you would do it. I liked how physically demanding it was, and the feeling you got when you were successful at it.

Cade: Bull riding is definitely extremely physical, but tell me about the mental part of it. Sometimes that's what we [Superstars] got to go through. We're in the ring for maybe 10 or 20 minutes every night, but we're here at the building doing our gig for 12 hours. And sometimes that can break us down, the travel and all. What breaks you down mentally, if anything?

McBride: I think once you get to a certain level, physically, every guy is capable of winning. It's the guy that is mentally tough -- that separates the good guys from the great guys.

Murdoch: If a young kid reads this interview and he wants to be a bull rider, what would you tell him to do?

McBride: I'd tell him buy some golf clubs. [laughs]

Murdoch: [Laughs]

McBride: I've appeared at some schools during my off time, and the thing I try to get through to some young kids is to make sure you really want to do it. It's not a good hobby to have. There are a lot safer things to do if you just want to have fun, [or] you just want to pass the time. But if it's something you're really passionate about, serious about, then get after it.

Murdoch: Way to go, brother. Now Cade and I, we saw you in that documentary, Bullrider. Were you satisfied that the movie portrayed bull riding to the best of its ability?

McBride: You know, I haven't even seen it [laughs].

Murdoch: [Laughs] You're missing out, brother.

McBride: I've done a couple of different documentaries. I know on my part I have tried to give as real a look inside of it as I can. I don't pull any punches when they've asked me questions about it. Hopefully, on anything they've done on me, it has come across as a pretty real portrayal of what bull riding is.

Cade: I'm from San Antonio; I live down there. Are you going to be down there anytime soon?

McBride: We'll be down in San Antonio May 19 at the Alamodome [for the Ford Country Classic].

Cade: One of my friends -- one of the DJs of one of the country music radio stations down there -- I may have to get him and go down there and get some tickets and check you out. Well, Justin, it's been great talking to you. What else should we expect from you this year? What's on your plate?

McBride: Hopefully, more winning. That's my plan, and my goal is to try and win each and every single event and be the world champion when it's all said and done.

Cade: That's the goal for all three of us. Take care!

For more information on The Professional Bull Rider Inc.'s Ford Country Classic at the Alamodome on May 19, CLICK HERE or read below:

Saturday, May 19, 2007 at 6:50 p.m.
The Alamodome
100 Montana Street
San Antonio, TX 78203
(210) 207-3663

Ticketmaster, San Antonio: (210) 224-9600

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