Conversing with a real life 'Transformer'

Conversing with a real life 'Transformer'

When sensual SmackDown Diva Kristal isn't pampering herself at the spa with the other sexy Divas or spending time with fiancé, SmackDown GM Theodore Long, she enjoys interviewing others.

Even though the gorgeous Diva enjoys talking to other fine celebrities, she felt especially honored to have the opportunity to interview multi-talented actor and recording artist-songwriter, Tyrese Gibson.

The suave Transformers heartthrob was also pleased to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to Kristal. Tyrese left her breathless:


Kristal: So, what's going on with you lately? You have this new movie coming out,Transformers, where you've brought the old Transformers cartoon to life. What was it like working on the film?

Tyrese: It was lovely. I've never experienced anything like this. It was a whole lot of energy. If you know anything about Michael Bay, he's known for being a very difficult person to work with as far as a director ....

Kristal: Uh oh .... [laughs]

Tyrese: But when I actually got to the set, to actually experience everything for myself, I understood it then. He's just one man who's trying to conduct 750 people every single day. He likes to keep everybody on edge so that they bring their A-game to the set, you know?

Kristal: Absolutely.

Tyrese: I have a much better level of respect for him now after I worked for him. I understand the process. But for the most part, this is the most exciting thing I have ever been a part of. Last night, I went to go see the movie with my little brother and people were telling me that they've waited in line for six or seven hours to go see it.

Krystal: Wow … that is crazy. So, were you a fan of the cartoon?

Tyrese: I did watch the cartoons, yes.

Kristal: Did you feel upstaged at all by the alien robots and special effects?

Tyrese: No, actually I didn't. You know, we all have a role to play and as long as we stay in our lane, then everything's gonna be special.

Kristal: [Laughs]

Tyrese: So, I had to do my part. Without me, the actors in the film and the robots wouldn't have made any sense. I feel like a well-paid accessory.

Kristal: [Laughs]

Tyrese: I want you to see the movie. Have you seen it already?

Kristal: No, I haven't seen it at all.

Tyrese: Ohhh…you gotta go see it today.

Kristal: Today … well, maybe I'll go take my little brother to go see it.

Tyrese: You should do that. The special effects are groundbreaking. I think the special effects in this movie are going to win a few Oscars. I just like all the things that have to do with the Transformers. Sometimes when you see special effects in movies, they like to have things going on that's far away that you can't really see up close. But to see the special effects in Transformers and be so close to the screen, you can see things moving and it's just crazy. It's mind-blowing stuff.

Kristal: Wow … that's awesome. So, tell me about the character you play in Transformers. How did you get involved in the film?

Tyrese: Well, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg invited me, and I just kinda showed up. You know, it's much more pressure to get invited to be a part of a movie versus having to be in an audition.

Kristal: Oh, absolutely.

Tyrese: It's like they're all looking at me wondering so what's he gonna do?

Kristal: Absolutely. It's a lot of pressure. As we all know, you're a man of many talents — you're a successful actor, recording artist, and songwriter. What's your focus these days? Are you primarily focusing on your films or your music career or trying to do both equally? And how difficult is it to divide your time to do different kinds of projects?

Tyrese: You know what? I look at myself as an octopus: I've got a lot of different arms.

Kristal: [Laughs] Oh yeah? That's a good analogy.

Tyrese: I can have my hands in a lot of different places. I'm just able to do a lot of things. It's like having one brain and a lot of arms. I just like to stay busy. I love keeping busy, and I love trying to figure out ways to change the game. I also love the fact that I've taken on the responsibility of hope. I love the fact that little kids can get up and do something with their life because they see me doing so many things. There are kids out there looking at me and saying that they want to be like Tyrese, and I hold that with high regard. I love that, and I try my best to walk down the right path so that kids have more to reach for.

Kristal: Are you involved in any charity organizations or anything of that nature?

Tyrese: Absolutely. I've been raising money to help build the state-of-the-art Boys and Girls Youth Center out in the city of Watts, California. Let me give you an example of hope: I got a little brother that's 14 and right now, he's already started his first company. It's called Gibson Water & Co. Basically, he's on the corner right now in Riverside, California, where it's hot as hell right now, and he's selling water, Gatorade and Vitamin Water. He's with a few coolers on the corner. Yesterday was his first day on the job, and he made about $195.

Kristal: Wow. I wouldn't expect that from somebody who's 14 ....

Tyrese: Exactly. Here it is Fourth of July weekend — or week I should say — and everybody's in town to visit their families, and you got people waiting at the light and they're thirsty. So, he's out there making a killer [earning] and all the money is his. He told me, "Hey, man, I want some fireworks." And I said, "If you want some fireworks, you gotta buy ‘em yourself." So, now he's motivated to get what he wants, but he's gonna work for it. You know what I'm saying?

Kristal: Yeah, definitely. So, this is little off topic here. But, do you prefer big budget action films to dramas, and what roles or kind of projects would you like to explore that you haven't yet in the future?

Tyrese: I just want to do projects that me and my team consider to be great projects. A lot of people that win Oscars aren't necessarily in $200 million budget [films], you know? So, I just wanna go after the right projects. If you do a series of bad projects, then that'll be your last project.

Kristal: So what can we expect from Tyrese in the future?

Tyrese: Well, I am in an R&B group now.

Kristal: Really!?!

Tyrese: Yeah.

Kristal: What's the name of the group?

Tyrese: It's called TGT. It stands for Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank.

Kristal: Ginuwine and Tank's in it too? Oh, wow! I really like their music. When's the album coming out?

Tyrese: December. In December, we're doing a tour called The Shirts Off Tour.

Kristal: Okay…. [giggles]

Tyrese: TGT made an announcement recently that when we do this tour, we're putting a ban on all men from attending the concerts.

Kristal: [laughs] Well, you know, if you need any women in the audience, I know a couple of Divas who would not say no to an invitation … so …

Tyrese: I got you covered. You just let me know what you need, and it's done.

Kristal: Hey, no problem. I'll be there front row … I'll keep my shirt on, but you can definitely take yours off. How ‘bout that?

Tyrese: Absolutely. We're gonna do our part.

Kristal: That sounds good. How many times have people come to you and asked you to sing "Lately"?

Tyrese: Well, I just did it the other day at a wedding. People got a lot of favorite songs. Whatever song they love, they want to hear it and they make their requests.

Kristal: Tyrese, could you sing a little bit of that for me? Please?

Tyrese: Sing what? "Lately"? Okay. You ready?

Kristal: I'm ready.

Tyrese then sings, to Kristal's delight.

Kristal: Thank you so much, that made my day!

Tyrese: You're welcome.

Kristal: I'm a huge fan, and you also have a lot of fans here at WWE. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. So, God bless and only positive things for you and your future.

Tyrese: Thank you very much. It means a lot.

Kristal: Aww … you're welcome very much. I'll talk to you soon.

Tyrese: OK, take care. Bye-bye.

Kristal: Bye.

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