Cena interviews Snoop Dogg

Cena interviews Snoop Dogg

For the second installment of WWE.com's Superstar to Superstar, WWE Champion John Cena took a few moments to talk to fellow hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg. His new album, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, is in stores now. Below is a transcription of their recent conversation.

John Cena: Hey, Snoop, what's happenin', man?

Snoop Dogg: Good, how you doin'?

Cena: Starting out, is there anything you want to say to our viewers on WWE.com? The album is out, it's available, it's in stores. I've got it and it is unbelievable, man. I kind of walked through the story of the album. You do a lot of things in this thing. You keep it hard, with tracks by The Game and Ice Cube. You're having some fun with Akon. You're sending a message, too, man -- you got Stevie Wonder on there. I love that matching track with Dr. Dre. You're doing a whole lot of things. Is there anything first and foremost you want to tell your fans about this album?

Snoop: Well, you know, basically, it's Snoop Dogg all wrapped up in one. If you know Snoop Dogg, you know he do it every which way -- he do it in his own exiting way, and that's what this record is representing. It's just a piece of me in every style that you always love me in, whether it's gangsta, whether it's with a message, whether it's something for the ladies, whether it's something for the club, whether it's something just to get you hyped up before you go out there and whoop some ass as a wrestler, you understand what I'm saying?

Cena: That is indeed what I'm saying, man. Honestly, I was truly, truly taken back. You got 21 joints in this album. And that is indeed 21 true joints. I want to take a second to just talk about Track 18, called "Beat Up on Yo Pads." Obviously this is something that is near and dear to you. This is a direct shoutout to the kids involved in the Snoop Football League. You want to talk about that for a second?

Snoop: Yes, sir. Like I said, when I made that song it took me back to when I was a youngster and me and my homies, we used to just sit around and beat on our pads and try to make beats and come out with those sayings about the team that we was ready to play and how good we was. It translated into me making music, so I never really did that as an artist. Now that I got my league, got 2,000 kids in my second year, I had to make a theme song for the league and it's called "Beat Up on Yo Pads." It's catching on. Everyone around the whole world that love football, that play football are just enjoying it. It's one of those songs that just takes you back, to having a good time being a kid all over again.

Cena: This is a joint I heard that really put a good sense about the whole album on me. This is something that you got everybody listening to the Snoop Dogg. Literally you have done so much for the game of hip-hop and kind of overextended the normal boundaries. Seriously, you are pretty much a household name in the industry of hip-hop, so you got a lot of people listening to this. This is the type of joint that can make everybody say that although you are talking about truth at points, you are talking about what's real. You're still moving in a positive direction and sending a positive message, especially to the youth out there who have a choice on which way to go with their lives.

Snoop: Yeah, you know that even in your profession, there's so many kids that look up to us when they see us on TV and they aspire upon what we do. A lot of times we never get a chance to say how much they mean to us and how much we want them to learn from what we've been through and what we're doing. That's why I wanted to take time to make a song and pour my heart all into it. Trying to get at a kid one-on-one, that's too hard. I'd rather get to all of them at one time.

Cena: That's real talk right there. That's great, man. That's great. One little last thing before we wrap up. I just wanted to get your feelings, having been around the game for a long time. Each of your offerings is done unbelievably well. You've transcended hip-hop. You've legitimately become a household name. There's a lot of hip-hop music out right there, right now. The reason I really love just putting this album in and listening to it front to back -- because you do give so many views, so many styles, so much music -- what is your view on the current state of hip-hop? I noticed there's a lot of guest appearances on this album, and only a few new dogs on this thing. A lot of your old crew -- you got MC Eiht, E-40, you got Kurupt, Nate Dogg, R. Kelly -- the list goes on and on, but it's mostly people you've been down with since day one. What is your current view on the state of hip-hop as a whole?

Snoop: I think the state of hip-hop is in a great biz, right now it's on. You used to have rappers come in the game and want to own a gold chain and a car, now they coming into the game owning their own record company, they own publishing, they own a clothing line, they get movie deals. They're really establishing themselves as conglomerates and really making mass amounts of money, and really making an impression on the world. So the state of hip-hop is in the best state it's ever been because there's more money involved, there's more business involved. There's more creativity because you're starting to look at commercials on TV now, and it has to have hip-hop involved in it, whether it's old school or new school. You have to take a piece of hip-hop and put it in a part of everything, or nothing sells. We sell everything, you understand what I'm saying? It's a beautiful thing to see that even hip-hop has even reached off into the wrestling world. Me and my son, we love you for what you doing, for real.

Cena: Thank you, man. (Laughs.)

Snoop: We just did a little thing the other day, and they was asking, they wanted him to talk in-depth and he don't really speak in-depth. They was like, "Who you like? Who are your favorite wrestlers?" He was like, "John Cena." They were like, "Why?" He was like, "'Cause he tight!" They was like, "No, explain why." He was like, "He just tight!" to explain -- it's like transcending. They like, "Why you like him?" He said, "'Cause he can rap good and he wrestles." So it's like wrestling is getting him, but then, it ain't no gimmick that you're flowin' and doing your thing as an MC. And I'm gonna tell you, if you wasn't doing what you supposed to be doing, we wouldn't be doing this interview.

Cena: Exactly.

Snoop: I love what you doing and how you doing it. You doing it in a real fly way. I even said something to the effect of you could even get Snoop Dogg in a wrestling uniform and we could tag team.

Cena: Ah, I might call in that favor, man. I'll be honest with you, never say never on that one.

Snoop: Yeah, you call in that favor. Just hold him up and let me slap the s*** out of him and I'll walk up out the ring. (Laughs.)  For real.

Cena: That's my Dogg. (Laughs.) I'm not going to take anymore of your time. I just wanted to say on a personal note, Track 20 with you and Dre back together, is awesome for me, man. That is the bomb on the whole album. I think the whole album is tight. You brought out names -- the list of cameos is unbelievable. You truly did roll out the "Blue Carpet." It's good to see you back doing your thing. I want to let WWE fans know the album is in stores now, they can go cop it. Is there any final message you want to send?

Snoop: Yeah, also be on the lookout for my animated movie. I got an animated movie that's coming out to support Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, it's called The Adventures of Tha Blue Carpet Treatment. It should be out in March or April, just to support it and give you something to look at because when I was making this record I was real visual about it. I had a cartoon mind while I was making it, so I just wanted to bring that to the light.

Cena: You could tell, you could tell that, man. Every song on the album's got a story and every story is great, man. Snoop, I want to thank you very much for your time. I know WWE is going to check it out and enjoy it.

Snoop: And big John Cena, there's only nothin' to it but to do it. If you ever need somebody's ass kicked on the DL, holla at me.

Cena: You got it, man. Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, in stores now. The animated The Adventures of Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, look for it in March. But I'm telling you, Blue Carpet Treatment is out and it is very, very heavy, in stores now. Snoop, thank you so much, I appreciate it.

Snoop: Good luck. And John, be good.

Cena: Later, man.

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