Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

If the “Terminator” films have taught us anything it’s that one day man and machine will go to war. And when that day comes, you’re going to want a few WWE Superstars fighting on your side. Which competitors are best equipped to take on hordes of cybernetic killers? From Dean Ambrose to Brock Lesnar, WWE.com has recruited our own resistance force to fight the future, presented by “Terminator Genisys.” 

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Brock Lesnar

Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

To be honest, if you had told us The Beast Incarnate was actually a real-life Terminator in the flesh, we wouldn’t bat an eye in disbelief. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion certainly resembles what you’d imagine your average war machine would look like, to say nothing of his superhuman strength or competitive bona-fides. If there’s one thing harder than icing a Terminator, it’s beating The Undertaker at WrestleMania, and we all know how that one turned out. Even if Lesnar truly is man of woman born, they don’t call the guy The Beast for nothing. Pit flesh against steel with Paul Heyman hyping the fight and that’ll put some butts in the seats, metallic or otherwise. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

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Roman Reigns

Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

Roman Reigns looks like he could be from the future. The tactical body armor, the genetically-gifted physique and those translucent eyes, the color of which appears to have been created in a laboratory. The evidence is in. Not only that, the fearless Superstar has meticulously and efficiently toppled WWE behemoths such as Big Show, Mark Henry and Rusev. Armed with weapons like a spear and a Superman Punch that could jar the circuits from a cyborg, Reigns could take on — and defeat — the motherboard of all behemoths, The Terminator himself. Believe that! — GREG ADKINS

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Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

Ryback’s chances of taking down The Terminator would certainly be more optimistic than most. Reason being? Well, it’s very possible that Ryback may actually be a T-850. Think about it — The Big Guy has uncanny strength, an extreme tolerance for pain, and attacks with the singular focus of a machine. The Human Wrecking Ball fears no man (or machine) and would undoubtedly salivate at the opportunity to quench his hunger against the ultimate robotic test. “Feed me more” will replace “I’ll be back” as the three word phrase of choice in no time. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

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John Cena

Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

He’ll be back. Again and again. Despite sustaining injuries that would leave most Superstars yearning to travel back in time, John Cena perseveres. In the wake of torn pectorals and herniated discs, the 12-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion refuses to relent. Like a Terminator T-800 Model 101, Cena appears unstoppable, as if nothing short of a hydraulic press could crush his drive. That determination, coupled with otherworldly strength, places The Champ in a unique position to tackle the Terminator’s tech-fueled toughness with a singular focus that screams “Never Give Up!” — GREG ADKINS

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Dean Ambrose

Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

Sure, he’s about a head shorter than Ah-nold, but who’s to say that Dean, Dean the Fightin’ Machine couldn’t handle the unstoppable assassin of the future? Forget that Ambrose is crazy enough to go mano-a-mano with the hulking gearhead, The Lunatic Fringe prefers to fight his battles under outlandish circumstances, as evidenced by his TLC and Hell in a Cell clashes, not to mention his barbed-wire covered stint on the independent scene. Long as he doesn’t try to use a TV as a weapon, we’re confident Dean-O’s got this one in the bag. Worst-case scenario he’ll just steal the T-800’s CPU when he’s not looking. Problem solved. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

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Kevin Owens

Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

Kevin Owens is brash, fearless, and he enters every confrontation with unpredictability and reckless abandon. These are traits that make him the perfect Superstar to take on a nearly indestructible Terminator. Skynet’s armies of lethal cyborgs are designed to adapt to any scenario, but not even the most advanced cybernetic organism could properly prepare for Kevin Owens. The NXT Champion may appear to be all heavyweight power, but — as John Cena learned the hard way — Owens hurtles through the air with the velocity and destructive force of a cannonball. Most of all, he’ll do whatever it takes to win, a trait that makes him an undeniable threat to Skynet. — KEVIN POWERS

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Triple H

Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

Triple H has battled the squared circle’s greatest legends, defeating a Vigilante, The World’s Largest Athlete, The Beast Incarnate and even a Deadman. But can The King of Kings conquer The Terminator?

If anyone possesses the skills necessary to overcome an opponent with a metal endoskeleton, it would be The Cerebral Assassin. Have you seen his workouts? The guy is practically a machine himself. Plus, the 13-time World Champion also happens be one of the most ruthless and cunning Superstars in WWE history. If any man can figure out a way to take down a cybernetic organism it would be The Game. — SCOTT TAYLOR

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Which Superstars could take on The Terminator?

Few humans are better equipped to stop The Terminator than Rusev. Before his defeat at the hands of John Cena at WrestleMania 31, The Bulgarian Brute was unbeaten in WWE for close to a year, leaving a trail of victims in his wake not unlike the cybernetic organism.

Armed with a litany of vicious martial art kicks and devastating throws, Rusev could more than handle himself in close quarters. If the battle somehow became larger than expected, the beast has shown that he can handle a tank, if necessary.

But the thing that makes Rusev most dangerous is his high pain tolerance and refusal to give in, no matter the situation. The Bulgarian Brute almost always refuses to give up, even if he’s hurt. If The Terminator went toe to toe with Rusev, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be back. — BOBBY MELOK

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