Mr. Kennedy clowns around

Mr. Kennedy clowns around
Mr. Kennedy was talking about the clown tattoo that he got on his left arm when he was 19 years old. "It has a lot of meaning because in high school I was voted the class clown and I'm always clowning around. Unfortunately, it ended up looking nothing, not even in the same ballpark, as the tattoo I originally asked for. I immediately went into denial when I saw it; I'm still mad about it to this day."

That's why he plans to have it replaced. "I'm not planning to get any more [tattoos] done, but I am going to have the clown on my arm replaced with another clown that's closer to the one that I actually wanted to begin with."

Mr. Kennedy's other tattoo, the design that's sprawled across his upper back, took nearly eight hours to complete. "In terms of pain, my arm wasn't a big deal but my back was pretty painful," he admitted. "It took close to four hours just to fill in the red and put in the thick, black outline."

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