Divas dish on their ink

Divas dish on their ink

Granted, Raw's Mickie James and ECW's Layla don't have the tattoo presence that we've seen in past subjects of Superstar Ink. Some people may not even know that Layla or Mickie have tattoos. But two of the Sexiest Women on Television do have some ink of their own, and while it is moderately hidden, the Divas didn't mind uncovering the location and meaning behind their body art.


"I got my tattoo four or five years ago," Layla said as she reached for the small star on her lower back. "In life I always wanted to be a star. I want to be famous so the star works."

Picking out the star, however, wasn't an easy process for the former Miami Heat dancer.

"I looked at some and they were these fancy-rancy stars. I was like, ‘No way am I getting those,'" she said. "I just wanted a plain star, something simple. I had the guy draw it out so I could make sure it was what I wanted. Then that was it. And I love it for now, but if I get older and start not to like it, I'll just get rid of it.

"I don't think there'll be anymore, but if I do anything, I'll get the ‘L' inside of the star, because I love my name. Everything is ‘L, L, L.' I just love it."

Mickie James

Mickie James was actually slated to be one of the prototypes used in Superstar Ink, but she politely asked us to hold off because she was in the middle of choosing her latest -- a dragon that weaves his way around her ankle.

"I wanted to stick with the Asian theme I got with my first tattoo, a symbol that means ‘Love,'" Mickie said. "I went back four or five times -- it took me a while to figure out what dragon I wanted. I wanted more than tribal bands, and so I got the dragon. On some people, I think the tribal can look kind of lame."

The former Women's Champion's two-month-old dragon represents strength, focus and protection.

"My dragon protects my ‘Love' tattoo which represents my heart," she said. "My ‘Love' tattoo I got in Panama City Beach; it was sort of done on a whim but I got it with another WWE Superstar."

Will another whimsical tattoo escapade creep up on Mickie in the near future? Probably not, she says.

"I'm not sure I want to be known as the ‘Tattoo Girl,'" she said with a laugh, "but I really haven't made a definitive decision as to if I'll get any more."

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